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Degeneration of the Superior Traditional Conduct

Degeneration of the Superior Traditional Conduct

People of the detached territory named Pakistan, are not going to recollect and readopted the grandeur of great human qualities that formed the distinguished part of their character and conduct in the past, unless a transparent analysis of their past and present is not explicitly explained to them. Hereunder is the confession by British Lord […]

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1947 massacre

The Wretched Specie of Traitors

Only classified prime traitors can indulge in corruptions and embezzlements in a country procured at the historically highest cost of massacre of year 1947, and only persons absolutely devoid of all elements of conscience and dignity can forget the massacre and devastation of year 1947. Hereunder note and feel the barbaric tortures, physical and mental, […]

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Evan Meredith Jenkins

Neglected Prime Factor of 14th August

Top leadership of All India Muslim League ignored a nd rejected repeated warnings of Punjab’s British Governor Sir Evan Jenkins (Refer to word famous book ‘Punjab Ka Batwara’ in English translated into Urdu by Dr. Ishtiaq Ahmed basically belonging to Arain family of Mazang Lahore) about the forth coming massacre 1947. This resulted in barbaric […]

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Lord Macaulay

Slave Generations in Free States

Slave Generations in Free States Prelude: Poetic expressions and personality cult serve little for devising the national character. These also have nothing to do with the solidarity and sustainability of a people. “Sultani e Jamhur” i.e. democracy has utterly failed in case of low literacy peoples. This philosophy for such states, has proved to be […]

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Shocking Facts about Historical Massacre 1947

Shocking Facts about Historical Massacre 1947

On or under earth’s surface, extremely unforgettable events had been faced by innocent human beings during the turmoil and massacre 1947. There was no war and no natural calamity but still more than a million citizens, mostly Muslims, were indiscriminately slaughtered with axes, swords and spears. The slain children, women and men had been forced […]

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Misinterpretations of Peoples’ Ideology

Misinterpretations of Peoples’ Ideology

Very odd and irrational articles are being published in some newspapers, regarding the ideology related to independence struggle by peoples. The writers almost appear to be ridiculing the sacred terminology of ideology because they very much appear to be devoid of legitimate analysis of the very basis of selfless sacrifices by the peoples. Nobody goes […]

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Aaj TV on PM Modi

Aaj TV on PM Modi

By repeatedly displaying uncivil abusive remarks about PM Modi of India (July 25, 2015 afternoon), Aaj TV of Pakistan has contributed to further deterioration of already controversial image of Pakistani citizens. Apprehension that it might have been triggered with the push of some anti-Pakistan agencies of the world, bear sound weight. Among all the countries […]

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Fourteenth August Without Prime Factor

Fourteenth August Without Prime Factor

Peoples not formally and regularly honouring their martyrs of Independence and Freedom are destined to perish sooner or later. Martyrs of Independence of Pakistan murdered in their localities in cities and towns of India and massacred indiscriminately on way for migration over to Pakistan, were all civilians. Territory and people of Pakistan are indebted to […]

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Mahatma Gandhi

Hindu Muslim Commonalities and Mahatma

Forward: Contents of this article especially invite the attention of:- Hindu believers who regularly study and follow the guidance / instructions of Vedas and Bhagavad Geeta. Muslims who regularly study and follow the instructions of Quran which instructs that choice of religion is birth right for every human being without pressure or compulsion. Religious and […]

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Narendra Modi & Sartaj Aziz

Pre Coronation Bow

If Mr. Narendra Modi acquires the position of Prime Minister or President of India, it becomes an international obligation for Pakistani rulers to go ahead for establishing relations with the people of India through their elected leaders. What happened in Ahmadabad can never be forgotten on humanitarian grounds. Massacre and dishonouring of the citizens in […]

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Nato Forces v.s Taliban Fighters

Power Concept

Viewpoints of senior Indian journalist (Mr. M. J. Akbar), published in the Daily DAWN of March 09, 2014, reflect his concern regarding the security of his own country as well as that of the entire surrounding areas in North and North West. Under a state of serious apprehensions about terrorism, he has unintentionally recorded self-contradictory […]

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Positive change is beauty of human life. Change sustains and promotes desire for happy living. Peoples or groups of human beings obstructing process of positive change become piles of relics. At the same time change is subject to fundamentals. All species of fundamentals never alter in shape, dimensions and characteristics. This determines that there is […]

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Success of a State's Governance System

Success of a State’s Governance System

Every independent nation / state, howsoever old or new, exists on foundation of an ideology which is the mark of its identity and integrity. Citizens’ loyalty to the ideology endorses loyalty to the nation as whole. Mere writing and singing of poetry and making poetic speeches in love for motherland is never patriotism. Individuals and […]

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Undue Permissiveness of PEMRA

Undue Permissiveness of PEMRA

More than a foot long column captioned ‘PEMRA to draft code for TV content’ (daily Dawn of February 26, 2012, Page 16), in all fairness displays a quaint rather ridiculous gesture when judged with the background of creation of a new state in the name of Islam and its believers. It also endorses status of […]

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