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Poetic Suppressions

‘Blowing your own trumpet leaves less breath for climbing’. Relishing play with own sentiments for self pity or ego, completely eliminates benevolent application of educations and guidance. Instead of devising strategies to overcome failure, a poet sits to write verses:-


And Richard II had his own style of playing with his miseries: ’When sun appears, darkness vanished on its own’. Mystics have their own style of avoiding all practical steps which certainly involve life risk: ‘O. K. my suffering fellows! Raise hands and let us pray for the destruction of the cruel’.

When human sentiments are subjected to stirring by hypothetical, non practical and ecstatic visions, the creative capabilities of mind become completely impotent for short or long period. If regular persistent dose of such tickling continues, lifelong irrational behavior or even insanity sets in. Such conditions reduce the affected persons to the status of parasites and their family members are adversely affected with regards to values of conduct and character. Suppressive atmosphere dominates the entire structure of human behavior. If whole nation is affected, democratic slavery and bow to dictations from foreign powers make a mockery of the so called free nations. People of Indian Subcontinent are worst affected by poetry and its negative effects. Total numbers of poets in the world are only an insignificant bit of the total number of poets in Indian subcontinent. Dear me! In this territory poets are crowned as founders of nations and as national heroes.

When Europeans were meticulously busy in scientific research and inventions, poets of captured India were precisely indulged in balancing their verses and hurling their stupid hatred on  scholars, researchers and inventors of the world:-

sher-2Natural calamities and horrible accidents which superimpose a state of awesome dumbness on human beings, become topics of writing verses and volumes of poetry in safety and comforts of cozy rooms.

Delinquents exploiting and misguiding ladies of respectable families, are represented as heroes by the poets. Poems and “Dewaans” about them pursue men of all ages to follow their footsteps.

Muslims’ Holy Book makes mention of poets at seven places, all with disliking and disgust. No prophet of God has ever been poet or poetry loving. In the art of poetic talking, poets are totally unaware of the irreparable losses involved in pursuing for practically shaping his rhythmic suggestions and idea. An honest professional is always in effort to produce for human benefits.

Poets have played a role in perpetuating the tenures of slavery by appreciating the values of talk in place of value for results oriented practical steps. They have affected every section of society i.e. politics, journalism, human relations, human behavior, death, sorrow, happiness, etc. just have a look at the following:-

sher3If ever you plan to give practical shape to hypothetical illusions by any poet, he will openly declare his absolute inability to provide you with a sketch to enable you to take a start. Structures are never based on mere playing with sentiments. Process of talking is very easy in calm and cozy rooms. Shoveling, digging and masonry work need physical and mental toil in rigors of heat, cold, rain and snowfall, far beyond the imagination of any poet. No poetic suggestion has ever been brought to shape except for abducting ladies for sex satisfaction.

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