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Defacing Democracy in Low Literacy

Foreword: Contents of this article appeal to the educated lot (University graduates, teachers, scholars, religious leaders and sincere sections of media) in low literacy states for guiding the uneducated masses to cast their votes in respect of honest and truthful candidates who know the meaning of patriotism (dedication, contributions and sacrifices) if at all customary democracy is indispensible. This is the only way to change the fate of poor and neglected. Corrupt and dishonest individuals use politics for personal and family benefits only, as a result of which plight of nation as whole keeps deteriorating in the direction of disintegration and extinction.


Adulteration spoils and also nullifies the very basics of anything. The constructive is transformed over to destructive. Democracy with its fundamental properties equally blesses nations with standard or low literacy. Its process brings forth honest leaders for a nation. When free opinion of the citizens is betrayed in electoral process, defaced democracy sets in causing selection of incapable, dishonest and dodging group of politicians, viciously greedy for status, securities and grip over nation’s financial resources. Low literacy states comprising of majority illiterate masses, simple and credulous, serious suffer under defaced democracy. Nations with level of standard literacy cannot precisely assess the sufferings of children, women and men of such unfortunate peoples.

Otherwise an enlisted crime, adulteration of white lies and hypothetical agenda in democratic process for bagging more and more votes, goes unnoticed. Democracy is thus defaced and eventually becomes far more destructive than a conservative dictators rule.

What should be the degree of condemnation for such participants of politics, in low literacy states, who impress simple credulous masses by luxurious residences, suppressing outfits and hollow grandeur of high manners? Taking note of the prevalent shocking volumes of debts, widespread corruptions and hourly crimes, even the spirits of deads must be cursing such looters. If they possess slightest regards for acute sufferings of citizens and the state, they must voluntarily opt for simplest possible semi furnished residences, clean rags to wear and pickup type vehicles till the nation becomes self supporting and free of uncontrolled crimes and corruptions. They undermine the low literacy peoples in two highly destructive ways. Firstly they embezzle billions out of public funds through so called ‘discretionary expenses’. Secondly they waste nations invaluable years during which a honest leader with vision could benefit even the coming generations. As for constituents of competence, capabilities and foresight, they cannot be entrusted with even lowest categories of responsibilities.

Further, what should be the degree of condemnation for political activists who prepares their sons and daughters to choose politics as profession? They consider politics to be an all profit business with only job of making daily false and irrational promises in gatherings of uneducated masses and corrupt sections of media. In what category of mentality level such sons / daughters fall who readily grasp politics as business? Their surrender to inherit politics as business, settles their worthlessness for all kinds of other jobs and professions.

Analysis of political chemistry of deliberate defacement of democracy becomes necessary. Getting into the maze of political groups in most of the low literacy states, anybody will be stunned to discover the derogatory use of the term ‘democracy’. Here is an elementary sketch of that:-

  • A group leader to remain chief till death after which a close relative will occupy the position.
  • Name of the group is generally by the name of the founder to confirm that it bears a status of property.
  • Permission for contesting the general national election is granted to members assuring victory by fair or foul tricks.
  • The chief commands a tight grip on members who own special qualification and tactics in escaping the hands of law against all illegal activities and even crimes. Cases filed against them are mere filling in the blanks. The chief takes care of the cases to prolong over to decades so that the members keep enjoying parliament membership with VIP status and securities.
  • All members are tightly gripped to loyalty with the group by weaponry of money bags, residential and commercial plots, and costly splendid cars and so much more all at the cost of public funds.
  • Whosoever becomes the regular members of group, surrenders his opinion over to the group head even for decisions against the state and the people.
  • Group’s vote bank is considered to be highly precious asset. Even matters related to justice and merit are subject to hard earned balance of the vote bank. All development projects adversely affecting the vote bank are cancelled without least hesitations and without any clarification. Vote bank balance becomes root cause of widespread crimes and corruptions.
  • Kickbacks from running projects (roads, canals, maintenance works, dams, etc.) a type of extortion at threats of suspension of the project.
  • Worthless lethargic stooges and blood relations are assigned nation’s sensitive positions.
  • All vote bank sensitive political groups maintain and control selected criminals and dons for aggressive use against rivals. Threats, murders and abductions, as and when needed, are their assignments.

Such is the shape of democracy in low literacy without supervisory power for control.

Those who recommend unmodified plain democratic system for all nations of all levels, never devised a code of ethics for participation by individuals in politics, especially for under developed states. Psychologically and mentally derailed, dropouts and persons rejected for all other jobs, are awarded membership of political parties. Such is the basic setup for decision making for the whole nation and for destiny of generations to come. It sounds very strange that selection of a clerk requires tests and interviews with regard to the future of an organization but there is no such standard for participation in politics. Once elected for parliament or local bodies by fair or foul means these politicians keep mysteriously crawling ahead by using illegitimate tactics. They do rise but every institution of the state sags. Motherland and nation bear no meaning in their dictionary. Minimum booty for them are development funds, a terminology invented for internationally declared bribe least used in any development work as also having no justification or technical attachment to process of public works, when pertinent departments and organizations already exist with expert technical staff on their regular payroll. (Refer to article headed ‘Eliminating Corrupts from Politics’)

Low literacy peoples need retired army officers and educated civilians reared and disciplined for honesty and sincerity. They will not dupe the citizens and they will not play havoc with the public funds. They will not be yes-men to foreign dictations.

As for the individuals not disciplined to be honest, they can go to any limit against the interests of the nation. Such political activists find under developed states as paradise for their ill motives. This necessitates some type of modification to the process of democracy in practice with nations that have acquired standard literacy. One of such modifications may be a powerful Governance Supervisory Council (GSC) consisting of senior defence officers, educators, scholars, economists, engineers and doctors. The GSC will supervise the functioning of government run by elected members of the parliament. Its foremost and immediate impact will stand to be a caution for widespread corruptions and fake political groups. A check to corruptions will minimize civil crimes.

Democracy blesses as also it becomes medium of tyranny and misappropriations in all sacred custodies. For developed peoples it is source of service to citizens and mankind. For low literacy states it is failure causing complex problems for every single family of citizens but at the same time becoming source of flourishment and prosperity for a few individuals, groups and families. Nobody has ever devised a modified form of democracy to rescue the rights of illiterate and credulous human beings deprived of education and knowledge, whereas the majority of the population of the world continues to suffer. No organization appears to show courage to nip the culprits. Democracy will never effectively work in low literacy countries. For the sake of human rights it deserves attentions as top priority concern. Who will safeguard the rights of the depressed human beings not familiar with art of protest against their trespassed rights? Solution has to be discovered. Members of Human Rights Movements face challenges. (Refer to article headed ‘Corrupt States and Democracy’ for hints). During past decades whenever supressed masses have tried to decide upon a protest, they have been crushed by indiscriminate massacre in active presence of security forces and no justice has been done against those responsible for brutal killings. Take the example of low literacy states renowned to be most successful democratically. Responsible professional media groups will disclose the inside stories of shattered patches of social sections leading animals’ life, scared and dreadful minute by minute, supressed and tortured at the hands of land lords, money lenders, extortions, local and provincial dons, communal and religious dons, plunderers, etc. Remote areas population is hundred percent self supporting whereas an effective governance system is responsible for providing civil facilities to every single citizen by the side of a rock or a sand dune.

It has fallen to share of low literacy states that persons with primary or no education are assigned fate of citizens and generations. This is a mocking example of reckless effort to prove hat vision of an illiterate individual, gaining popularity among illiterate masses, steered by mere tackling of sentiments can foresee much farther as compare to a person with years and decades of learning and experience. The average effects of assigning positions to illiterates (only because they are elected members) the future generations are to suffer.

Majority of participants of politics in low literacy states are only for financial gains and illegitimate favours. Any single term related to patriotism is Greek to them. God forbid, if the state is captured by some foreign power, they will readily present their loyalties to the aggressor very sincerely.

Illiterate masses have no capability to analyse the statements of politicians. They have no knowledge to assess that promises being made are beyond the scope of developed resources of the state. Politicians getting elected on the basis of lies are not honest at all. They simply want power for acquiring control of public funds, citizens’ pockets, securities and VIP status. It is evident that liars cannot suddenly become honest by entry into parliament. If deceiving a single person is liable to legal punishment, deceiving a whole nation becomes liable to still greater punishment. Getting treacherously elected they become secure. On the other hand the citizens get more and more insecure and endangered by dacoities, crimes and corruptions. This is the theory of secure politician’s against hour by hour insecure citizens.

There are many dirty doors for entry into politics of low literacy corrupt states. But there is one single door for entry to serve the nation as well as the world community. This door is for people who honestly feel:-

  • They have stamina and patience to serve.
  • They have the requisite education and training to proceed with confidence and courage.
  • They possess thorough knowledge of the traditions, problems and available resources owned by the state.
  • They have clear headed effective programs and solutions to problems faced by the nation as a result of luxury display politicians and dictators with no foresight at all.
  • They possess the power of straight ‘No’ to foreign dictations.
  • They possess tolerance not to be seduced by windows through which public funds can be embezzled without check and risk of accountability.
  • They never use public money for private business, personal or owned by children.

All above details about honest versatile category of politicians are not at all hypothetical. We have examples of politicians of Malaysia, Singapore, China, North Korea, India, Iran, Turkey, Venezuela, Cuba, etc. achieving access to public funds, dishonest and greedy politicians’ vision is blurred after coming across countless windows through which sizeably large amounts can be embezzled without any immediate or future risks. Billions of national funds are awarded to stooges, flatterers, advertisers, favourable corrupt media personnel, police officers, figures of sensitive departments, etc. to entrap them for continuing chanting ‘Our great generous leader’. Anybody from a dominant institution of the state, interfering with an effort to stop them from misappropriations, is loaded with bags of money and extra costly gifts as cost of his silence against their misdeeds. Why and how such nasty politicians themselves will not accept bags of dollars for becoming yes-men to foreign powers against the interests of the nation? This is the stage where their evil mentality starts insatiable process of loots and misappropriations just like the Hyena whose mouth continues to release mucilage as sign of ever growing greed for more and more in whatever condition it maybe i.e. stenchy or decaying. Such politicians are even ready to surrender the sensitive benefits of the state over to foreign powers.

If at all countries’ state of affairs demand thoroughly reared gentlemen to get into the process of politics, they will never use any dirty window for merciless havoc with the public funds. Each single penny will be reserved for welfare of the needy in the state. If a volume of whole of Himalaya of gold is given to their custody, they will be spending every bit of it for welfare of citizens and mankind anywhere on earth. Poor, needy patients, orphans, deserted children, aged citizens and human community affected by calamities deserve all available resources. Great honest leaders are part of past history and are active currently.

Individuals abusive of the use of public money entrusted to their custody have never been reared and disciplined to be honest. They will always deceive in all matters related to responsibilities and assignments because they did not grow in atmosphere of sincerity.

Domains of honesty are far above greed, credit or appreciation. Honesty is way of life for gentlemen. Awards, prizes and honours are simply by-products which never turn their neck stiff. They remain hungry to serve till last breath.

Whenever there is mention of term ‘Seriously corrupt states’ (TI’s yearly reports), it plainly means state’s governed by corrupt politicians as by nature corruption can only descend from top down to bottom. So in corrupt states every institution sags whereas poetry, singing, music and modelling flourish far beyond the artistic achievements of the developed and less corrupt states. Why? Poetry and music pat citizens to slumber creating calm atmosphere for planned usurpation of all species s of resources possessed by the state.

In spite of all odds and grave pictures by activities of the politicians, 100% veterans have been sincerely serving the states and the nations regardless of their own life and future of their families. On the other hand horrible majority of politicians of low literacy states are mercilessly looting the resources of the states under coverage of discretionary expenditures, ‘shares in awards of developments funds to assembly members and extortions from contractors working on running projects, absolutely for future of their family members and relatives at the cost of hunger, diseases and illiteracy for the common citizens. Playing with law and justice is child’s play for them. They every much resemble terrorists but only in a different way.

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