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Mahathir Mohammad

Shaping a People Over to a Nation

Process of formation of a worth full product is far more difficult a process than procurement of its constituents materials. Getting a piece of land on pretext of independence is only a starting step for reaching the apex. People of the territory procured in the name of Pakistan have following historical characteristics and acquired traditional […]

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Forced to Migrate

Forced to Migrate

Among the low literacy states, India and some other countries have a row of a few dozen politicians whose honesty has never been challenged by any intelligence agency in the world. These politicians are the real leaders of their nation and their motherland. Unfortunately Pakistan has been deprived of becoming a part of such states. […]

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Defacing Democracy in Low Literacy

Foreword: Contents of this article appeal to the educated lot (University graduates, teachers, scholars, religious leaders and sincere sections of media) in low literacy states for guiding the uneducated masses to cast their votes in respect of honest and truthful candidates who know the meaning of patriotism (dedication, contributions and sacrifices) if at all customary […]

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Respect for All Religions

Respect for All Religions

Going against the norms of civilized era and human rights, an effort has been made to hurt sentiments of believers. Every human being has right to follow a leader and a preacher. There is no justification for any type of unprovoked criticism by individuals of differing schools of thought. No religion with a divine book […]

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Pakistan Map

History in a Nut Shell

So many thanks to Daily DAWN of January 04, 2015, with even thanks to book reviewer Mr. Hassan Javid. The book (The Warrior State) is a concise history, in a nut shell, of the new state stretched over three quarters of a century, including governance and highly sensitive decisions, right or wrong, resorted to with […]

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pakistan education

Fall of Centuries Old Standards

Here is news: Islamabad – Despite heavy investment in higher education sector during last fourteen years, Pakistan failed to make its place among top hundred universities of Asia (“The New” Dated: June 29, 2014). History of education standards goes centuries back prior to British occupation of the subcontinent. Primitive educational institutions possess honour of passing […]

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Puzzles of Civilized Era

Puzzles of Civilized Era

Some of the worldwide claims are not honoured in practice. Some international generosities become detrimental to the security and tranquility of small states, minutely concentrated on their internal and external serious problems for the benefits of children, women, adults and patients. Some banned strategies continue to be operative openly violating solemn commitments. Flashes of anti […]

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Eliminating Corrupts from Politics

Eliminating Corrupts from Politics

Greatest service to the state and the nation on the part of sincerely honest patriotic politicians and citizens, is to eternally block way of corrupt politicians for entry into houses of parliament and the governing power chairs. Governing positions must be occupied by honest and truthful patriots. Very simple and doubtlessly effective suggestions for achieving […]

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Nucleus of Corruption in Declared Corrupt States of the World

Nucleus of Corruption in Declared Corrupt States of the World

It is not known whether of not Transparency International is conversant with the cause of corruption in a state, but there is only a single cause of that. Non corrupt states are normal, simply because people joining politics there, aim at exceptional services to the motherland and its citizens. On the contrary, in declared corrupt […]

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