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pakistan-flag If any citizen of the globe compares people’s sacrifices for Pakistan with rulers’ performance in half century, he / she will be simply shocked. Sacrifices, sincerity and tolerance of the people have been adversely used by the rulers.

Invaluable contributions of the people:
During and after independence movement, people pledged everything for Pakistan. On achieving independence they sincerely gave every indication of unprecedented tolerance, forbearance and hard work amid extreme poverty, unemployment and suspended business, without complaining for bread, job or financial support. As a boy, I have seen cooking pots on hearth containing only salt and chilli in water. Inspite of that the miserable lot of people coming from India were helped with everything anybody possessed. I have been a boy volunteer collecting meals eatables, pots and cloths from my locality and distributing these, along with other boys of other localities, amongst ‘Mohajars’. Anybody visiting their camps could not stop flow of tears. If I explain to you the plight of those ‘Mohajars’ (injured, sick, hungry, without proper dress) you will certainly start crying. There was only shock full silence. No wailing, no protesting, no demanding. People deprived of homes, properties, relatives and family members only for the sake of Pakistan, were simply stunned but calm and patient. No expression can narrate their plight. Even in such state of affairs they maintained their dignity and self respect. I have seen ladies not possessing head-sheet (Doppatta) covering there heads with used shirts and even used jute sheets. Greatness of people entering Pakistan from India, deserves supreme respect.

Sections of people of various other religions, who choose to be Pakistanis, continued sharing sacrifices sufferances and hardships along with all. On achieving independence, they felt happiness, satisfaction and honoured. They deserve everybody’s’ salute of honour. I remember the special incidence when my agriculturist uncle spoke to a Christian employee in the old colonial harsh tone, the Christian employee reacted with unforeseen courage, saying “Mind you Chudhary Sahib, the foreign occupant are now gone and we are now independent Pakistanis”. My uncle was stunned at his courage, he became dump for moments, then resuming his senses, to my astonishment, apologized.

Rulers’ performance for more than half century:
Who could bring Pakistan in to existence without exceptionally sincere sacrifices especially of the common man and the middle class? After Quid-e-Azam, Muhtarma Fatima Jinnah and Liaqat Ali Khan, every member of the political and non political ruling lots, always posed to be the creator and saviour of the country called Pakistan. To remain in power and yearning for everlasting power sans capabilities, turned out to be the nucleus of overall performance. Motto was ‘keep strategically placating the people and go on grabbing the ruling chair’. Half of the country was lost in power struggle games. So many concerned Pakistanis cried bitterly over this accident whereas idol status politicians rejoiced over it. There came gay rulers, saint rulers, omnipotent rulers and clerically expert rulers, but citizens’ fate did not improve. If at all they cared, they did care for such upper class who worshipped them for all rights or wrongs they did. The sincere and sacrificing lot of common person and middle class citizens were virtually neglected and ignored.

No ruling group planned sequences of creative strategies for near and the far future. The ruling tenures were consumed in copying and imitating other countries and alien hanging social systems. Resources of the territory and capabilities of the citizens were not utilized or encouraged. Great efficiency was displayed in procuring huge foreign debts, as a result of which this territory of exceptionally rich resources went under huge debts resulting in surrender of foreign and internal affairs over to foreign powers. Collective effect of all this got to the extent that even the verdicts of country’s Supreme Court had to be explained to foreign missions (March 2009) who, ironically retorted “But this is your internal affair, why explain to us”.


What to talk of creative planning for future necessities, all efficiencies and resources got consumed in confronting the crimes whereas the real job of reforming the nurseries of crimes, was absolutely ignored. Comparing a year’s crimes of 1950s and 1960s with a week’s crimes after 1971, especially after year 2000, will conspicuously depict the action plan for fighting crimes. We have to secure citizens at all costs.


Worship of Persons instead of respect for Institutions:
Instead of monumentations of institutions, the rulers deliberately and deftly projected their own self for worship. Political parties are known by the name of the persons and not by party’s charter. Many parties and their names became extinct with the death or retirement of the leading person or family. It sounds strange that the tenure for elected ruling group is five years, but tenure for party’s top position is endless, almost forever for a particular person or family. As the worst effect of this, political parties became family possessions and this turned out to be the root cause of inefficiency and misappropriations all kinds. Naturally to save such family possession, incompetent and flattering lot of worshippers is a necessity. This situation has ever been destructive for states and peoples. Such important an institution as opposition, has been a symbol of hatred for ruling parties. One of the rulers defined opposition as “A group of wild cats”. In order to eliminate opposition, various strategies were adopted including rigging of polling and horse trading. In addition they used engineered terminologies for unilateral grab of power:-

1- Pakistan is on a very critical juncture.

2- Democracy is in danger.

3- We are only to serve the people (Looks they did have a doubt).

Six decades’ rulers brought a country of sacrificing, sincere and tolerant people, down to following status:-

  1. Half of the country was lost.
  2. Scarcity of Electricity, Natural Gas and ‘Atta’.

3. Deterioration of education standards and ignoring of merit.

  1. Exodus of competent and experienced man power.
  2. Inadequate and poor civil amenities and health care including production of large scale fake medicines.
  3. Heavy foreign debts and weakening local currency.
  4. Appalling law and order situation in the country.
  5. Earned name of “failing state” for Pakistan.
  6. False and unnecessary TV ads devouring family and national savings.
  7. Hitting every limb of country’s cultural heritage through TV’s nakedness of ads, obscene dramas and foreign films, resulting in boost of insecurity, corruption and crimes especially sex crimes, involving minors and married women.
  8. Worship of personalities instead of respect for institutions. Destructive interference with judiciary.

Pertinent Conclusions:
1. In these six decades rulers deliberately and vehemently blocked the way of a Pakistan-born Mahateer Muhammad to raise the status of Pakistan and Pakistanis above that of developed states, only in 20 years period.

2. If somebody complies the statements pertaining to promises made to Pakistanis, it will certainly be an extra ordinary work for other nations of the world.

3. Inland salary and wages cannot raise the status of a person to billionaire / industrialist. Numerous persons with a poverty background got to that status only through politics or government service. No dominant system of transparent accountability could ever be devised to recover the public money.

4. You can precisely feel the agony of shock for veterans who donated selfless meritorious services to the country and the nation.

Based on assessment of sacrifices of the people, any bench of judiciary in the world, will declare extra ordinary severe punishment for all misappropriators and usurpers, of any status, in this country.

Written by: Geodetic Engineer M. Ashraf


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