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Is Army Chief really the Entity to Call for Help?

Is Army Chief really the entity to call for help whenever something bad happens in the country, why the rape victims, land mafia victims, flood affected, socially neglected etc. call for help from the Army Chief in front of media? Where are the government representatives?

Oppressed Citizens

Oppressed Citizens

In Pakistan all political parties are like properties of certain families / groups, where owners’ rights are transferred generation after generation to heirs within the dynasty exclusively. They think that Pakistan is their personal property, they want to remain in power forever and they invest into the system to get personal return and favors that will keep them in power. There is no such thing like public representation, national interest or welfare government in the country. This is the reason when the things get out of control, people look towards the Army and the Army Chief becomes the only entity to organize the unorganized, though it is not the job of the Army Chief to interfere but apparently being the head of the least corrupt and the most disciplined department & institute of state’s infrastructure, it is now a part of his job. Therefore, whenever something bad happens in the country, people look upon Army chief and call for help in front of media.

Pakistan’s dilemma is that after getting independence from British rule in 1947 the mighty British Empire came to an end and though we did get our independence from British rule but the Britishers before leaving had seeded a strategy to regain its economy and control after post World War II aftermath. They started giving and rewarding land to those people who were close to British rulers and used to be more connected to the ruling British elite. These people got acres of land and became Jaghirdar and feudal lords. They were considered superior in the clan and were also given political and administrative roles to gain importance among the locals and the British through them started controlling masses.

It was all designed to create a divide among the lower class and ruling elite so that masses cannot come out of poverty and remain as a labor class who have to serve the master to earn their living and must not progress and the human intellect must not prevail in any progressive society. The day Pakistan got its independence and the first government came into power under Governor General rule the cabinet was not having a single member who was among the lower middle or middle class all ministries were either the beneficiaries of British rulers or were selected based on how close they were to British rulers or what title they have earned during the British rule in sub-continent like Nawab, Sir or Choudhary.

Over 100 years of British rule, we as a nation were driven by carrot and stick policy. British rulers were our masters and we were treated as servants and the idea was to inculcate a feeling of inferior race into our minds. Almost two generations were driven by this policy to provide service to the superior and rulers of the kingdom and it was deep rooted in our blood and at least two generations became submissive and subordinate to the administrative heads.

The divide and rule were the strategy to rule the world and stay in power and by making a class system the divide will help achieve strategic goals that west wanted to pursue in longer term after they collapsed as a British kingdom. The ruling elite that was holding state office in the government were made landlords to create a divide in society with two different social and economic class system and it was where democracy became a rogue system to rule the poor or masses by gaining political powers. The feudal mindset prevailed in the society and the sardars, nawabs, Jaghirdar system headed the democratic government to control all affairs of the country.

We did not have any constitution in place by which we could select competent people through the available political system to bring in positive change in the independent country that got its independence not long ago. No system or legitimate representation in all five provinces and unfortunately later one of the provinces became independent country Bangladesh in 1971.

The ruling party indeed became an ultra-elite class of Pakistan that was not representing the masses of Pakistan nor were they elected through democratic process. Mr. Liaqat Ali Khan was assassinated in 1951 and since that day the political turmoil started and there was no stable government in place to make a constitution that could deliver the people of the country.

In 1958 the first constitution was given and the post of governor general was evolved into president as a result. In 1958 once again the president dismissed the 7th prime minister in a row and the first martial law was imposed as a result. The country became unstable and the weak political system once again gave us a second constitution in year 1962.President Ayub Khan gave all powers to President. We also had to two to major wars in 1965 and 1971 and later Bangladesh was the outcome as the democracy was not helpful and it had created further divide among Muslim independent states that got independence to became Pakistan.

Because of these two wars in 1965 and 1971 we did not get any time to resolve our internal matters and we were unable to create a sustainable political system and also long held martial law one after another didn’t let democracy set its footsteps and the uncertainty of a stable political system was not seen prevailing in the country since its inception.

The problem became more severe, after every failure the politicians were unable to deliver people of Pakistan and therefore it became their business to gain power by investing in political system and party of their choice and work for their personal or self-interest and objective was to maximize their personal assets rather than working for collective interest and neither for the country. The poor became more poorer and the ruling elite became richer by every passing by government. Until the time came when the opposition was waiting for their turn and was just collaborating with the ruling party to complete their turn so that they can take their turn the very next time. The political cartel for four decades had ruined our economy and country is still unable to come out of foreign debt and able to self-sustain its economy and grow like other developed countries of world.

As western society had no such divide among them the law prevails for every common man either he is from any party or just a local worker who works on daily wages. They elect leaders with good moral character who are educated have competence and do not have corruption charge to their political background hence they are taxpayers just like common man and do not come to office to serve their self-interest but are responsible to the people and must go by the will that they can influence people to be re-elected. The economic growth and economic prosperity are the deciding factor.

The democracy is not the best suited system or absolute system that might be in favor of the common man and his life. As its the democracy and two-party system that enables few people take control over the system and may misuse their collective powers like in western world and do all sorts of manipulations and wrongful acts by bringing in new laws through democratic process to serve their agenda while setting aside peace and harmony for other nations. The judiciary is not to interfere in state affairs and has a jurisdiction that cannot be crossed making a system that may be good for some and may not suit others at the same time and it’s all done using legitimate political powers in the name of democracy.

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