Saturday, November 27, 2021

Print Media of Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Pakistani print media do not have least respect for the cultural and religious values of the people of Pakistan. They give every indication to prove that the territory of Sub-continent had been disintegrated due to serious differences with Indians about display of certain fashion designs and that the procurement of Pakistan had nothing to do with Two Nations Theory or the Islamic values of Muslims way of living. This print media is worst than the colonial rulers who always minutely adopted deep care and reverence for the regional and religious cultures of combined India during 150 years of rule. Now the print media of Islamic Jamhuriya Pakistan feels pride in display and persuasion of naked armpits, naked shoulders and naked legs for record and preservation as long as a student wants to preserve. Then ridiculing Quid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, they continue to print ‘Founded by Quid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah’ on top of first page of every daily newspaper.

Deep rooted slaves’ mentality has totally brain washed them to recollect that the birth of this unique state took place at the cost of honor of 90,000 Muslim women and massacre of countless women, children and men, simply because they broke the territory of Bharat Mata. There was no other reason for the massacre which still keeps continued in India (Ahmadabad) and Kashmir.

One very much wonders that why people of such ambitions don’t move over to Mumbai or New York to continue their activity of insulting women by showing and presenting them as show pieces of sex and amusement? Only answer that strikes the mind is that they cannot move over to other countries because they are on a business mission in this state. They are deeply annoyed and worried for the fact that 100% ladies of all religions cover their heads and bodies in respectful homage to their culture and respect for their beliefs. The business mission holders want to deprive our ladies of the respect in society. Sound respectable culture of the territory demands sound respect and honor for women who are honored with exalted status of mothers, sisters, daughters and wives, holding the society with honor and dignity for mankind. There is no real organization for upholding the truthful honor for Two Nations Theory. There is no religious body to restrict the media within limits. There is no government strong enough to punish the trespassers. There is no government or private body to educate media for getting ride of the slaves’ mentality by stopping thinking that everything of the West is not due respect for women.


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