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Stubborn Sincerity to Ex-Colonial Rulers

Lord Mountbatten In modern world, apparently, custom of unpaid forced labor does not exist, as the Kings / Rajas / Nawabs are extinct. It is extremely surprising that activities of an eternally surviving king persistently go unnoticed. This king possessing everlasting survival is Dominated Mentality. Mission of The King is eliminating local culture and lifestyles and propagating Western and English culture by unpaid forced labor. Activities of The King are spreading from Africa to Far East. The King could not succeed for functioning in Saudi Arabia and has since been exiled from Iran. Whereas The King is winding up to evacuate North Africa and some Central Asian states, its grip on South Asian sub-continent is getting stronger day by day. In Pakistan it is diligently strengthening two of its missionaries with full attention. The two missionaries are:

1- Institutions in Cities comprising of 15% population of the country.

2- Television / Cable / Dish / Newspapers and Journals.

The first missionary is educating the young generation as under:

1- Use of “Ami, Abbu” for parents must be replaced by “Mama, Papa, Mummi, Daddy” to feel respectable. Similarly all relatives should be addressed in English only.

2- General conversation must include maximum terms / words of English, especially use of words like, Sorry, Thanks, Why, See you, Wow, God, etc, must never be forgotten.

3- Learning and speaking English is honor.

4- Never to inform young generation, that qualifying a foreign language is pride of the student and not of the language learnt.

British East India Company The climax of simplicity of the members of this group is unawareness that they are dividing country’s population into classes. They are estranging 85% rural population, who are proud of their own traditions, culture and ways of communication.

Second missionary comprises of administration and members of TV / Cable, Newspapers and Journals. They are rigorously and sincerely putting in their day and night efforts for teaching and introducing to the young generation, very practically indeed, western styles of speaking, wearing, eating, behaving and conducting. These members of second missionary and their families are surviving with the entire resources of the country but everyone of them carries deep respect and sincerity for the ex-master’s life style in every way. They display and pursue:

1- Flying dingy hair and naked armpits in a country where 100% women of every religion cover their head and body in respectful compliance to their thousands of years’ traditions.

2- Foreign lifestyle deserves representations instead of thousands of years of graceful respectable traditions.

3- Minimum possible dress for women especially between neck and navel, but complete dress for men from toes to throat.

4- Sex scenes from Mumbai and west or from any country as available.

5- Introducing baby models inspite of knowing that their life will be utterly spoiled.

All these services do not add a single dollar / pound into their pockets.

Ironically, highly educated western young and old ladies embracing Islam are becoming example of Islamic Hijab.

All above details instantly hit at two impressions:

1- Is it reaction of getting separated from Bharat Mata?

2- Is it reaction of departure of ex-colonial rulers?

3- Is it reaction of unwillingness for celebrating women day every year?

Western women’s huge gathering, first of human history, in Rome, during 2011, strongly protested against making women sex figures for advertisements, television and offices / business places. It appears this tremendous protest doest not carry any message for the institutions of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. There is no plan for getting rid of ex-master’s lifestyle.

Independence does not mean procuring a piece of land. Independence means confident respect and regard for own traditions, culture and lifestyle. Anybody not in possession of this mentality will always be a slave in Makka or London or Paris or New York. Such persons are never sincere to any places they live in. They do not know the meaning of self respect. They will always keep changing their garb till death.

Custodians of Two Nations Theory give every indication that they are permissive with such state of affairs. It appears that massacres of 1947, Ahmadabad 2002 and almost daily in Kashmir, carry no meaning. If not, they must come forward to guide the departments of information ad broadcast to adopt the path conversant with the creation of Pakistan. As politicians are always busy in race for grabbing the power chair, it is for the scholars and religious leaders to guide the information and broadcasting sections for adopting the reasonable path. Imitation of Mumbai and West will be of no benefit except sex crimes and extremism, which are natural products in such situations.

Now know something about free nations and their free citizens. They love their own language and way of living:

1- Only weeks after disintegration of the Soviet Union, a very senior engineer of Bulgaria was eagerly explaining to me in Iraq that during entire period of Russian occupation they remained busy in translation of all species of terminologies over to their native language, and now they use their own language in all categories of knowledge.

2- In Saddam’s Iraq, I have never heard a single English word from an Iraqi during four year period in Iraq. Only a few people know and use English for specific official matters only.

3- In Saddam’s Iraq, spelling English words correctly was not at all compulsory for medical students. Inspite of that their treatment competence was much better as compare to Pakistani physicians. A Pakistani patient declared incurable for his breathing problems was perfectly treated healthy by Iraqi physicians.

4- Iranian’s whole system is without English.

5- Immigrants from Russia and China have been continuing to live according to their traditions for hundred of years. Quite a lot of them do not know a single word of the language of the land they are living in, away form their original homeland.


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