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An Impartial Analysis of Sixty Years of Islami Jamhuriya Pakistan

By: Yash Pal Singh Karlra – A citizen of the world

(This article deals only with the Islamic atmosphere in Pakistan. Political, economical, law & order, corruption and crimes as well as disregard to the judiciary are not the topics under discussion).

flag No country of the world will ever forget the break up of Bharat Mata for the so called Islamic Jamhuriya Pakistan. For every citizen of Bharat, it will ever remain a deeply sad memory. There are injuries that recover with the passage of time, but break up of Bharatia territory is an exceptional injury, that will always keep pinching all coming generation of India.

Now the shape that Pakistan is taking socially and politically is far from Islamic. Some sections of the society appear to be forgetting the justifications and the causes for creation of Pakistan. They appear to have totally forgotten the losses of life and property of Muslims, Sikhs and Hindus on both sides of the proposed line of the division of Indian Territory. I myself belonged to Lyallpur (now Faisalabad) and as a very young child, I saw my brothers and uncles being slain mercilessly before my eyes. I have not been able to forget the horror for whole of my life. Inspite of all that decades have not been able to see an Islamic Pakistan. The inside story is very grave, but here are some of the representative examples:-

1- Apologetic, inadequate and meager constitutional Islamic clauses are aggressively bypassed and even trespassed.

2- Groups of willy-nilly politicians are pleading for secularism totally against the decades of demands prior to year 1947. I have every justification for confirming that such politicians actually do not believe in any “Ism” including Humanism. They simply utter slogans for cheap reputation and easy access to governing lot. They do not have any character in life. If abusing any religion affords them reputation, they wouldn’t hesitate to go for it. Secular combined India is never bad.

3- Every English and Urdu newspaper has fixed considerable number of pages for display of naked parts of women’s body, simply to earn more money. TV is going miles ahead of the newspaper in display of female bodies with sex agitation. Is it all Islamic? How dirty and abusive does it look in the background of achieving Pakistan; breaking territory of India for Islam and doing everything going on in India? No, they are doing far more than even a conservative Sikh will think of. They are running nurseries of modeling profession affording miserable dishonored life for women. Is it Islamic? For them waste of life and property of millions of people was a mere joke and they don’t have even least regard for all that. What wrong my brothers and uncles did? Simply because they were Sikhs. Why we were deprived of our property and home, where we had been living so happily. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) never hated anybody in whole of his life. And He never taught hatred to any of his followers.

4- When we see Pakistani theater channels, there remains no part of confidence in character of human beings. Is it all Islamic?

It sounds astonishing that there has never been a protest against these anti Islamic activities from the religious parties and scholars. It was the Christian Chief Justice of Pakistan, who emphatically pleaded for enforcing Islam for which the country had been procured. It seems that some ideological Islamic group must take note of all this. Since the people of city areas of Pakistan are deeply impressed by Western ways in every aspect of life, it appears that some ideological group must invite a panel of impartially sincere European White scholars from the European counties for bringing the managers of un-Islamic activities to terms. These foreign White scholars moving from city to city may address the defaulters in following words:-

“Ideologies and purposes, for which you broke territory of India for creating Islami Jamhuriya Pakistan, must not be betrayed. Whether or not you like those ideologies, these bear a status of Fundamental Truth for everyone living within the bounds of the country. You are responsible to follow and sincerely support the Islamic values”. Whereas, they care a fig for similar words from colored local scholars, it is expected that the producers and the managers of newspapers, theaters and TV are expected to get impressed by this lesson from the mouth of White European scholars. If such reforming strategy works, the sorrow of merciless slaughter of my innocent blood relations will be mitigated.


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