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Remedies for Youngsters Suffering from TV Bites

child-and-tv I have a sound apology for children whose parents / guardians complain that their kids have been affected by negative effects of TV dramas, films and advertisements. The complaint clearly reflects the serious cavities in rearing standards adopted by parents and teachers. (Excesses of inland TV channels are not subject of this article). Just as the children cannot defend themselves against a crazy killer or abductor, likewise in absence of comprehensive guidance and training they are easy prey to 100% deceptive displays on the screen.

Example of a Sincere and Dedicated Teacher:
Myself and my class fellows are extremely lucky that in 1953 the principle of Murray College Sialkot, Mr. Scott guided us in details for self defense against the negative temptations of films. Most of the parents of that era were uneducated and no high school teacher guided us about cinema films. Mr. Scott’s guidance helped us further to guide our own children. The guidance has worked well and it will go for generations. As for me, I continue to guide my relatives and friends as respectful tributes to Mr. Scott. This helps others to fight the ongoing illnesses of TV displays as well as further misappropriations of more sophisticated devices to be introduce in near and far future. Mr. Scott was such a dedicated teacher that he offered free time for helping weak students. What about today’s teachers? Mr. Scott’s example must stand as an eye opener for all educationists and intellectuals of present and future times.


Deceptions of TV / Film Screens:
There is hades of difference between the highly finished continuity of screen display and actual difficult and tedious task of shooting scenes. Shooting scenes is a process far from the sweet convenience of ultimate displays. Process is ridiculous and funny. There is chemical to be applied to the eyes to create flow down of liquid shown as tears for actor’s weeping. There is a device blown on actor’s body parts to show the poor creature perspiring. Red substance is profusely used for showing bleeding. There are many kinds and shapes of wigs, beards, mustaches, eyebrows and eyelashes for the actors and actresses.

One single action that you see on the screen is the aggregate result of numerous movements shooted and mosaiced together. For example, on screen you see a person kicking an other man as a result of which the other man falls far away. This action is not so simple for shooting processes. If you happen to watch it during shooting, you will simply laugh. So the continuity of scenes in film and TV are not only deceptive but also treacherous, especially for children. Children and illiterate adults are bewitched and adversely affected by the highly processed and managed fake continuity of the screen displays. Affected children become drop-outs. More seriously affected uneducated adults resort to various shapes of crimes including easily available sex crimes. This has been turning the whole setup of calm and peaceful social systems over to hell of crimes and diseases.

To apprise the parents and guardians of much needed guidance to children about the shooting procedures, western countries occasionally show the actual shooting of some scenes on TV. They do care for their children you know. Here are two examples that I happened to watch on TV:

1- Sometime back they showed a part of war between two armies. Particular scene to be shooted was how a soldier falls after getting hit by a bullet. Camera is ready, soldier actor is ready, caution is given “ready”, sound of gun, soldier falls, “Cut, action rejected, repeat!” The whole scene was repeated two times and third and last time falling action of the soldier actor was approved. Then they moved on over to shooting the next scene.

2- Last year I saw shooting of another display on TV. Arrangements were made to fix a lady atop a tree without leaves. Lady was cheerful and smiling. At a distance there was a camera team. After setting camera in suitable position, a command is announced, loudly, “action-expression”. The woman immediately starts bitterly crying and shouting “Help Help”. A voice comes, “Cut, expression rejected”. Repetition is ordered after due guidelines, then the voice sounds “action-expression”. The woman starts crying and shouting for help in a much better pathetic performance. “Cut”. The actions approved. Lady got very happy. Arrangements started to shoot the next scene in which hero was to climb up the tree and rescue the lady.

In my youth, I saw actual shooting of a Hollywood film at Shahi Qila, Lahore, another Hollywood film named “Bridge on the River Kawai”? At railway station Lahore, a Pakistani film on top of Shimla Pahari, Abottabad and again a Pakistani film in Tilla Jogiyain, Jehlum. These involved repetitions, revisions, changes, in all for only one single set due to rejected acting, dialogue, expression etc.

If children and illiterate adults fully have knowledge of all these stages of shooting scenes, at least 80% of the negative effects are dissolved.

People of subcontinent are over sensitive to Pathos:
Being sentimental by temperament, we are more easily affected by romantic poetry, romantic prose and above all by deceptive and treacherous sex temptations of drama, film and advertisements. Solid proof of this is that the total number of poets in the subcontinent (Pakistan, India, Bangladesh) is multiple times more than total number of poets in rest of whole world. For that reason we need to guide our children many times more as compared to children of other countries. Our TV lounges and bed rooms have been attacked by scenes against our culture. Previously only a low percentage of adults used to be affected by treacheries of films because a low percentage of people used to go to cinema halls. Today they have entered our homes with elements of sex free systems in utter disregard to our conservative and religious culture. They live and flourish in subcontinent but love and promote the Western lifestyle. How else do you define a traitor? Saboteurs of sacred cultural and traditional values are boosters of crimes and corruption in society, and, therefore, by any justification, what so ever, they do not deserve an iota of mercy and forbearance. Such sections of the people can be made to do any damn thing against a country or a nation. They are readily available to be purchased as a very frivolous hand full of pennies because they do not have any character. We might come to know after a quarter century, about their foreign funding sources. They are using the TV screen for a merciless onslaught to destroy the social setup, to disintegrate the family unity, to encourage sex crimes and boost up the venereal and incurable diseases. They openly behave to be above any government authority or judiciary, because they have unlimited support from their masters of sex-free setup.

Youngsters affected by negative elements of TV Displays:
Adults might be knowing the facts about the films and dramas but by the time the children become adults, effects of films, drama and ads have adversely affect their whole personality as well as future career. Off and on we come across children and adults behaving under impression of some drama or film, or dress like film actors or have hair cut and partial shave like some actors in any film. A young man of 27 in my neighborhood, cuts lines in his hair copying Bollywood Amer Khan in a film. He looks extremely funny and stands as a stock of silent smiles. Another boy of 23, also in my neighborhood, drives his motor cycle like some Indian advertisement, where upon he recently broke his arm, ribs and leg and remained in hospital and home-bed for continuous four months. These are only two example of only one single neighborhood, what is happening to children all over the country. All this emphasizes need for rigorous guidance to our children and illiterate adults.

Guidance to children is must:
It is evident that without guidance to children about the inside story of film making and film presenting is so important for their whole life and for the entire social setup. Effects of film, drama and ads are 100% fake. Films and TV programs will get more and more aggressive in misguiding the children in the near and far future. So the responsibility of teachers and parents will tremendously increased in the subject of guidance to children. Films and TV are only for amusement to get relaxed for continuing the real active responsibilities of life, which are always hard and demanding hard work and right decisions. Behind the screen of films, dramas and advertisements the realities are horrible that cannot be mentioned in this article. In American program “Opra”, a young model was narrating the agonies, mishaps and assaults against herself. She had been forced for all that. She deserted the modeling profession forever and adopted normal neat civil life. She was explaining to audience that for whole of her life she will never forgive herself for joining the modeling profession.

A few years back a lady compere of PTV did an unexpected favour to our youngsters. She was explaining in Urdu “Youngsters! Do not be much impressed by the getup of men and women of the drama. It takes us about three and half hours of makeup before presenting an actor in front of camera”. Ordinarily without makeup, you would not like to waste a look for most of the screen faces, especially from attraction point of view.

Inventor of TV was asked “What do you like best about TV?” The inventor replied “The switch that turns it off”.

Some special guidelines:
1. Nakedness is directly proportional to crimes. Societies of modest women in modest dress have rare crimes.

2. Nakedness on screen provides incentive for males for sexual promiscuity which ultimately breaks homes and stands as principal cause of incurable diseases.

3. Science and technology took birth and flourished in a social setup where women were moderately dressed.

4. ‘Hijab’ era gave birth to scientific research and technology solely for service to humanity.

5. In era of nakedness and free sex, scientific research created weapons for extinction of mankind.

Written by: Geodetic Engineer M. Ashraf


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