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sunshine2 1- In the past of every successful person, there is a long list of failures.

2- If you keep blowing your own trumpet, you will be left with less endurance for climbing.

3- Results of hurried performance can never be equal to results of performance with patience.

4- When the elephant is on his way, dogs keep barking, still you have never seen an elephant running after the dogs.

5- A person of perfect character never needs status.

6- If you aim at achieving happiness, you will always be sad.

7- A person devoid of self respect can never truly respect anybody else.

8- If you are not disciplined, you can never control others.

9- Satisfaction achieved during struggle for some aim, vanishes on achievement of that aim.

10- You can define genius as a person with superb concentration and tolerance.

11-  Knowledge does not come easy, it needs sincerity and hard work.

12- Every generation must keep in mind that independence does not mean doing things on choice. Independence means sincerely performing for commitment. (Pope John Paul II)

13- Attitude of hopelessness kills morale.

14- While helping others, never expect thanks.

15- Great character is a power that is invincible.

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