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Misinterpretations of Peoples’ Ideology

Very odd and irrational articles are being published in some newspapers, regarding the ideology related to independence struggle by peoples. The writers almost appear to be ridiculing the sacred terminology of ideology because they very much appear to be devoid of legitimate analysis of the very basis of selfless sacrifices by the peoples. Nobody goes to the altar without a sound justified purpose. There were reasons for which Martin Luther stood to embrace death. There were reasons Nelson Mandela spoiled his life in prison. There were reasons for Vietnams to sacrifice everything for expelling the foreign forces from their homeland. There were reasons with Atta Turk to teach the lessons to the usurpers, etc.

Very clearly, even for a high school student, there are two categories of peoples’ struggles in the history of mankind:-

  • Expelling the usurpers out of their homeland, for which this getting rid of the occupants became the ideology. Thailand, Vietnam, Turkey, Algeria, Libya, South Africa, etc. are examples.
  • Procuring a territory out of a compact geographical unit. Such ideologies are generally established decades before starting the independence struggle. Who will lay down his life and lives of his entire family without a pre settle cause called the ideology. Pakistan, Bosnia, Kosovo, West New Gunnies, South Sudan, etc. are the examples.

Territory of Pakistan is one of examples of ideology settled much before the commencement of active struggle.

Massacre of 1947 India Pakistan partition

Massacre of 1947 India Pakistan partition

Procuring an undefined piece of land for a people is never without fundamental cause, pre settled and unanimously determined, as basis for prolonged process of struggle involving all types of sacrifices and devastations because the goal is not possible to be achieved through peace and calm. The process proceeds through multi directional sacrifices especially when it involves breakup of a compact geographical unit. Ultimate success is in return for heaps of corpses, abductions and absolute loss of assets gained through lifelong hard work. Ideologies are thus for implementation and not for column writing and table talk in comfortable cozy rooms. Betraying ideologies means dodging the entire lot of sufferers, abusing the martyrs and deceiving the entire human community.

When unanimously pre settled ideology is subjected to betrayal and deceit, chaos sets in. Entire population of the procured territory is deprived of a direction and a goal. Formation of the population into a nation is derailed. Every individual thinks of his own self. People become jumble of promiscuous lot. Worry for self sustainability dominated every mind. Games of snatch and run become a rule. Corruptions, misappropriations and embezzlements & crimes overcast the whole atmosphere. People at top resort to illegal means of gains and this encourages common man to adopt illegal means. Passage to disintegration and division starts taking roots. This whole disorder puts the institution of defence in an intricate situation because foreign interferences increase day by day.

There are columnists and so called scholars who say that Islamic systems of governance is many hundred years old and as such does not suit present day requirements. These people forget that their very popular system of democracy is many thousand years old in which low literacy states’ population votes for persons and groups and not for the sake of motherland and the nation. What the journalists and columnists advice is 100% governance system of India. What was the purpose of dividing the subcontinent against piles of corpses and miseries? Thousands of years of foreign dominations have adversely affected their very trend of mind. Slaves can only follow their masters. Initiative and self determination are eliminated. Their difference of opinion has torn the people of procured territory by dividing them into groups. People against pre settled ideology don’t have the courage to speak straight. i\under Islamic system of governance many opponents will be deprived of so many activities that they are presently availing of behind the curtains.

A state exclusively procured for Muslims never means guidance from anti Islamic school of thought. Islamic system provides peace, social security and progress in shortest possible time as compared to prolonged process of corruption, crime and terrorism under democracy. Let us refer to Iran as an example and very short period of Taliban of Afghanistan.

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