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Fourteenth August Without Prime Factor

Peoples not formally and regularly honouring their martyrs of Independence and Freedom are destined to perish sooner or later.

Martyrs of Independence of Pakistan murdered in their localities in cities and towns of India and massacred indiscriminately on way for migration over to Pakistan, were all civilians. Territory and people of Pakistan are indebted to them eternally, generation after generation. The way they were abducted and slaughtered mercilessly speaks of our unprecedented failure in planning and managing to provide them with effective security. There is no scope for even least doubt that God Almighty and celestial residents must be continuously blessing them with Darood to honour them for ever.


Anything transparent even to minimum sanity, demands a disciplined code of procedural form of honours to such martyrs with regularity that befits their supreme status. Yearly August 14, Independence Day, must be commemorated by nationwide silence of three minutes at 7:00 AM followed by salutes of honour for martyrs of independence who sacrificed their honour, lives and possessions during the process of partition. Martyrs hold right to such homage as Prime Factor on yearly 14 August, because during prolonged period of 30 years of struggle we totally failed in effectively secure movements of Muslims migrating from India over to Pakistan. This outright failure becomes the gravest part of history related to respect for honour and lives of unarmed non aggressive civilians migrating under miserably helpless conditions. No other section, political or non-political, of the society, institution, department or organization deserves those supreme regards for the following reasons:-

  1. Only immigrants suffered from abductions and killings before the eyes of their elders and family members, injured to die shortly.
  2. Only immigrants, in countless numbers, lost their mental balance for life as a result of horrible scenes of abductions and murders.
  3. Not even a single member of party leading the movement was affected.
  4. Members of armed forces were not part of civilian martyrs.
  5. Employees of law & order department did not suffer.


Next comes, salute to the national flag which is the mark of the ideology for which the territory of Pakistan was procured at exceptionally high cost exclusively paid by our civilian martyrs.

Among all sequences of 14th August celebration, so far, only the prime factor of foremost status has been neglected. Minutes of silence and salutes of honour to helpless civilian martyrs of 1947 partition has always remained ignored. Worship of personalities has been given top focus.

Poetry, national songs and flags never guarantee survival of nations. These can also not save nations from extinctions. Sustainability of nations, as proved by past history, solely depends upon justice, greedless research for welfare of entire humanity and impartial eradication of crimes and corruption by verdict and punishment within minimum possible time.

The ideology ‘Muslims are a separate nation’ and Pakistan ‘A homeland for Muslims’, are self-explanatory. This ideology caused disintegration of the subcontinent that had been a compact unit for thousands of years, in spite of the ravages and devastations of invaders and usurpers. This disintegration divided Muslims of subcontinent into two parts. First part comprised of Muslims that migrated to Pakistan, suffered from the atrocities of incompetent misguiding politicians, along with the settlers of the area. The incompetent politicians paved way for dictators who further added to the miseries of the citizens and pulled them far apart from the sacred track of ideology. The second part of the Muslims, staying in India have been suffering from hatred, discrimination and occasional bloodshed as reaction to dispersal of Bharat Mata.

During 70 years period, no justice has been afforded to fundamental ideology that received all sacrifices, caused miserable process of unsecure migration and worked total extinction of whole of so many respected families. World has noticed that prescribed principle of disintegration of Indian Territory have not been fulfilled at all. Norms of Muslim culture and traditions have neither been preserved nor promoted. Anti-Muslim factors have been forcefully added to social life. Nakedness of models in fashion shows and advertisements are setting negative trends in the peaceful society. There is little difference in media activities in India and media activities in ‘separate homeland for Muslims’. Sexual promiscuity and narcotics prevail in the atmosphere.

At the same time India has been able to successfully maintain and further develop the public facilities inherited from the colonial rulers whereas in Pakistan these facilities have deteriorated to the shape of relics.

Articles of constitution supporting the rulers are applied forth with in Pakistan, whereas articles of constitution pertaining to the fundamental ideology have been kept pending and ineffective. It is evident that any court of justice, internal or international, will conclude that purposes of finding a new state have not been achieved at all. Pakistani politicians are exclusively interested in grabbing the power chairs for securities and VIP status.

Following excerpt from article ‘Capital Overlooks’ will elaborate the need for drawing the attention of citizens and politicians to the necessity for contents of this article:-

Prick of massacre of 1947 can never be assessed from study of history. Its stabbing pain might be partly felt from the following diagram of words:-
‘You are exchanging sentiments of love and respect in a comfortable sitting with your sons, daughters, sisters and elders when all of a sudden gangs of murderers and killers intrude into your residence and start killing your minors and elders. You yourself injured to die watch your family members bathed in blood.’

Should overlooking the responsibilities of creating and shaping measures of sure safety for Muslims migrating to Pakistan from India, be overlooked as a trivial affair? This remains to be decided by the patriotic honest scholars, top most members of the judiciary and the generations to come. Somebody or some section has to be held responsible for judicious account of the pages of history for the generations of the whole of mankind on earth.

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