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Chand Raat Complications

Chand Raat Shoppping

Too much of everything is bad. It is an old saying. In modern advanced era it may be amended as: Too much of everything is uncivil. What does that peculiar shopping during last week of Holy month of Ramazan, mean? It is no more than desperate effort to look superior among people of even financial status and a pitiless effort to depress the poor especially the children of poor families. Precise meanings of engineered efforts of impressing and depressing others are against teachings of all religions and all schools of thought, barbarism excluded. Not only that but it is within jurisdiction of interrogation towards a verdict by the authorities for justice. So many poor fathers have committed suicide for not providing their children with new cloths on Eid Day. Countless innocent hearts have suffered from depressing pains of not shopping during customary Chand Raat. Who will be responsible for the act of pinching others through display of costly luxurious dresses including shoes, in some cases costing around a million, on Eid Day?

Practice of impressing or depressing others through luxurious lifestyles, ended with the arrival of Jesus Christ (PBUH). All saints and the Prophet who follow Jesus Christ (PBUH) have rejected display of luxurious lifestyle. Their God given grandeur lay in their activities of helping the needy and forlorn and the resultant greatness with which they were blessed will live till eternity. Money spent lavishly for outstanding look of family members is not at all fair with regards to the children of underprivileged fellow human beings on a sacred religious day. The overall hustle and bustle of spending during last week of Holy Ramazan stands against the spirit of religious fasting. Neglecting the needy, the poor, the helpless diseased and extravagantly spending for splendour of self and family members, needs particular attention. Innocent children of the poor parents are simply unaware of the philosophies. They simply want to possess everything like other people. They are unaware of the theory of standards and grades. Once or twice a year, they simply want new dresses and shoes worn by members of rich families.

IDPs camp

IDPs Camp Bannu

As a Muslim state, Pakistanis must pay due regards to the circumstances within and around. Amidst merciless and indiscriminate massacre of Palestinians, plight of IDPs of North Waziristan and daily causalities of members of the securities forces in North and South of the country, TV Eid programs remained humming with jokers, singers, dancers and models at full beam. This Eid especially must have been celebrated at very low beam for all justifications whatsoever. Eid is a religious festival, not a cultural eve. We have failed to observe the religious day with due regards to situations inside and outside the country. This Eid must have been celebrated with extra ordinary simplicity. Palestinians do need funds, but they also need to feel that the international communities, especially Muslims, are deeply concerned about them. Similarly the IDPs away from their homes and properties must possess feelings that all the citizens share their agonies. Sense of mutuality pays the nation for generations to come. Jokers, singers and models on screen certainly hurt feelings of people taken aback by unforeseen calamities. Physical and mental injuries of suffering people are multiplied by hollow laughs created by jokers and semi naked models displaying the cleanliness of their armpits, down slipping colours of female newscasters and actors and style of flying multi-coloured hair.

palestine war

Palestine War 2014

Failure in behaving with due human regards to the prevailing situations in highly catastrophic and deplorable. The overall attitude of the people needs guidance. Here we need the scholars, thinkers and religious leaders. We almost find them missing when we need them most. If a citizen confidently says that they do not exist at all or that they don’t exist for beneficial activities, I suggest that he may not be scolded. When democracy starts showing overall symptoms of inhuman attitudes, it must be abandoned, at least temporarily.

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