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Aaj TV on PM Modi

By repeatedly displaying uncivil abusive remarks about PM Modi of India (July 25, 2015 afternoon), Aaj TV of Pakistan has contributed to further deterioration of already controversial image of Pakistani citizens. Apprehension that it might have been triggered with the push of some anti-Pakistan agencies of the world, bear sound weight. Among all the countries of the world, Pakistanis are already looked upon as doubtful and unreliable people. Instead of displaying the positive and cordial aspects of -Muslim character of tolerance and forbearance, Aaj TV channel has made a complex effort of deleting a few plus points at our credit. Just imagine that a media channel of a declared seriously corrupt and abundantly indebted country of about 180 million uses unauthorized out of the way remarks about PM of a country of population above 1 billion. This is a sufficiently serious blunder to be punished by cancellation of its licence.

Mullah Umar and his companions of Afghanistan have never used such abusive language against America and NATO, in the light of exemplary devastations by all types of ammunitions of last minute research. Iran has shown its Muslim character against excesses of America and Israel. Sudan has not abused Western powers against its bisection. Indonesia has maintained its tolerance against losing a sizeable part of its territory. Aaj TV must be punished for degrading image of the country and the citizens.

India’s negative attitude towards Pakistan has its justifications which hold soundly firm ground in Indian opinion. We must have assessed that attitude during 1945 for planning to counter it. It is the extreme of adverse circumstances that no leader even thought of educating the Muslims of freedom movement about this forthcoming onslaught. The negligence caused the historical massacre of 1947 subsequent to discriminatory steps against Muslims in all parts of India, and this continues to date.

It is extremely important to analyse the sentiments of India’s majority population. It is important for the sake of devising strategies to mitigate their doubts and bring them around for cordial international relations, because in case of a Muslims majority India, forced to surrender 25% of its territory to Hindus, sentiments of Muslims would not have been different.

We have got to deal with the justifications stored by India in connection with its attitude towards Pakistan:-

  • Hindu believers consider territory of Bharat as mother. Their mother had been torn to pieces for the first time in history in spite of tiresome efforts of Hindu leaders against the bisection. Mahatma Gandhi bitterly wept like a helpless person when all Muslim leaders including Mr. Jinnah refused a meeting for final negotiations. His extra ordinary tears will keep pinching Hindus for generations or forever.
  • It was Mahatma Gandhi who reached Noakhali without security in effort to stop riots in retaliation to Direct Action Day ordered by Mr. Jinnah in 1946.
  • Pakistan had been procured in the name of Islam and Muslims but there is absolutely no difference in ways of living of Indians and Pakistanis. In Pakistan brothels are maintained under different names. Pakistan has shown tremendous progress in production of female models so much so that quite a number of models have been exported to Bollywood.
Pakistan's only progress so far is production of modelling and show

Pakistan’s only progress so far is production of modelling and showbiz

  • Pakistani channels freely display sex scenes including sexual intercourse from all sources of world media. Getting Pakistan in the name of Islam we have not been able to copy at least Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria or even Malaysia. Hindus ask what is difference between life in Pakistan and life in India? They ask the reason for tearing Bharat Mata into pieces when everything prevalent in Pakistan at present is not different from way of living in India.

Aaj TV has never been able to comment on ever boosting corruptions, loots and political murders as vehemently as it has gone against the representative of population of above a billion. Let us deal with PM Modi by use of grey matter. Let us deal with him strategically. TV screen is not a proper tool in such matters.

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