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The Wretched Specie of Traitors

Only classified prime traitors can indulge in corruptions and embezzlements in a country procured at the historically highest cost of massacre of year 1947, and only persons absolutely devoid of all elements of conscience and dignity can forget the massacre and devastation of year 1947. Hereunder note and feel the barbaric tortures, physical and mental, suffered by the innocent and unarmed honorable Muslim families of East Punjab and the innocent non Muslim respectable families of West Punjab:-

  • Abduction and dishonoring of at least 90,000 Muslim girls and women. (Published figure)
  • Merciless slaughter of at least 1.2 million children, women and men, only in revenge for breaking the territory of Bharat Mata (refer to book by Dr. Ishtiaq Ahmed of Mazzang – Lahore, presently settled in Sweden)
  • Shattering of family members of respectable peacefully living families.
  • Metal disorder, till death, suffered by members of families unable to tolerate the scenes of slaughter and missing of the family members.
  • Destructions of the possessions and properties acquired through life long toils.

Judicial verdict against those who had not initiated measures to forestall above massacre and devastation, inspite of repeated warnings and alarms, remains to be taken up and will remain to be taken up forever. We have got to follow he example of verdict against architect of modern China, after his death.

Note:- this entire slaughter and destructions could be absolutely avoided by formally retailing all non Muslims as citizens of Pakistan through a constitutional declaration, legally according equal rights citizens for every single non Muslim residing in the territory, declared as Pakistan.

Corrupts and embezzlers of so procured a territory are cursed to the extreme of the meanings of curse. It stands to be a prime responsibility of every patriotic citizen to regularly pray to Almighty for swearest possible punishment to such extra ordinary traitors who make use of their public bestowed positions for multi directional loots out of the resources of so sacred a territory.

Groups of citizens supporting such traitors will have to answer on the Day of Judgment when repentance will be worthless because supporting corrupts, is corruption in itself.

It is charming folly of self deceit to believe that procurements achieved out of engineered hatred and deceits will achieve positive sustainability.

It is stupid innocence to expect stability and solidarity by hundred percent immitation of social and cultural factors of India which had been deserted on pretext of Muslims’ way of life.

There is no justification for expecting innovative scientific and technological research and development when the civil life is 100% dominated by personality cult, poetry and poetic implications in minutest specie of overall behavior right from naming the new born baby over to funeral rituals.

Personality cult, poetry and poetic implications are gateway to ostentation which is the mother of all evils and crimes. Remembering the massacre of 1947 Pakistanis have got to get rid of these instruments of devil’s workshop.

1947 massacre

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