Saturday, February 24, 2024

The Bullet and the Brain


All sections of human society worldwide will condemn the act of firing on Malala Yusafzai. There is every possibility of contempt of the firing even among the Taliban themselves. In Pakistan prayers for recovery of the child are being arranged in offices and schools. Some so called politicians continue talking of use of power and force against the responsible group. Such individuals affix confirmation to their political incompetence. Their statements and rash behaviour clearly proves that they have absolutely no knowledge of the history of the area. Such is the bad luck of this country, procured at highest cost of honour and lives. Incompetent leaders running the country, instead of using brain and strategic practicalities, talk of bullets and missiles. Changeez Khan, The Great Britain, The Soviet Union and now all big powers of the modern world, with all their sophisticated technologies, have been worstly defeated by the people of this area, who deeply love their territory, customs and ways of living. So called politicians of top-of-the-list declared corrupt state, heavily under foreign debt and badly torn by crimes, adulteration of all kinds, diseases and corruption, talk of conquering these people with bullet and arms. It looks that they are joking over the misery of state and its people. It is like a patient with incurable fractured bones (at least for the prevailing circumstances), talks of using his physical strength to over power a group having no ting of corruption in its overall character and conduct, bad or not bad in the eyes of the others.

People limpingly rowing the country have only singular choice and that is the choice of dialogue. They must save the children and adults by negotiations with overtly angry group. Verily it will not be something new or strange. The Red Indians of America ultimately came to agreement through negotiations.

Use of grey matter is needed. We must reserve our strength, our power and our Jawans for some unknown and unexpected enemy. We must use our powers to fight history’s worst kind of corruption in the country. We must use our power to get rid of foreign debts.


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  1. hunain says:

    An other drama by NGO’s and anti Pakistan movements to defame Pakistan’s overall image, especially to defame social values and women right in Pakistan.

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