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Death Penalty for Theft

A fifteen years old girl house maid was beaten to death in Garhi Shahu, Lahore.
(Daily Dawn of May 20, 2012)

Child Abuse The reason for cruelly beating the child has been stated to be theft. Behavior of the police and decision of court are yet to be seen. According to the contents of the news, the crime is two fold. Firstly, the case of a child labor; secondly, killing the child by torture. Both allegations demand justice. The first allegation involves the parents of the child as well, as they must not have allowed the child to join an almost 24 hours of duty at such young age. This case needs to be pursued very minutely to disclose similar examples of child labor continuing in all large and small cities of the country.

One can imagine the extremity of cruelty, that for mere cause of a frivolous theft, a child is beaten to death. Whatever was the volume of the fault of stealing, it could be afforded mercy, keeping in view the years of labor and service received from the child. This incidence points to a lot of social evils going on in the society. The child served the family day and night. Such a child was supposed to be possessing all human weaknesses just like our own children. She did not deserve a single slap. The maximum punishment should have been relieving her off her appointment for good. Even slightest physical punishment would have been inhuman and unjustified. In this case the poor child was beaten so furiously that she could not survive.

All religions stress on forgiveness and mercy. A person claiming to be a Muslim is supposed to be exceptionally merciful and forgiving. All families who are employing kids as servants for the household must treat them like real sons and daughters. They must be afforded all respect and care like the real children at home. No gentleman can even feel any discriminately gesture against an employed kid in view of his honor, self respect and sentiments. This principle holds for all children of all religions and origins. Children of exceptional drawbacks and behavior must be simple returned to their parents. The era of slavery is no more. Home servants must be treated as family members even for so many household family consultations. They must be addressed not as disrespectful individuals, but always in words like ‘Chote Saib’, ‘Chote Sarkar’, etc. if they are afforded such respect regards and status anybody can split open gold and diamonds without fear of theft and dishonesty.

There is a tendency of show of sick command over employees and house keepers. Most of such people come from very weak roots. People of such temperament must see some psychiatrist or religious scholar.

A scholar said, “Most difficult job of life is the art of dealing with human beings”. It is almost a fundamental truth. Anybody who doubts his qualities of dealing with human beings must not employ other human beings to serve him. Please take care of above contents very minutely as God’s judgment deserves most to be feared from. God can take notice of anything at anytime. Nobody can escape his punishment.


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