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Tips for Perfectly Healthy Active Life

living-a-healthy-life It is catastrophic to see one of the healthiest people on earth surviving on the mercy of pills and injections, urban and rural areas evenly affected. Diabetes, blood pressure, heart troubles, kidney’s mal functioning’s and liver disorders, are talk of the day. This state of health hazards engulfs children and adults of all ages. Horrible number of people live on regular dozes of pills, whereas, scientists say that allopathic medicines, including as simple a medicine as aspirin do irreparable damages to human body. In offices and working places, medicines are topics of conversation. A person not complaining of any physical trouble or not taking any medicine is looked upon with curiosity. Further a gentleman above sixth years of age walking firm and straight, might be a wonder for pills oriented persons who may murmur: “What un human a human being”. (A 93 years aged retired graduate school teacher of Sialkot city continues walking straight and firm, 7 to 10 KMs daily).

Super catastrophy of the prevailing circumstances is that futures generations are going to inherit most of the diseases of present days’ citizens.


The Healthy Era
If we go back by only 50 years period, the state of affairs was totally different. Men, women and children were healthy and stout. Most of people did not know anything about today’s common diseases (Epidemics and extreme poverty excluded). The reasons were:-
1. Custom of regular physical exercise or physical hard work.
2. Very simple diet, mostly comprising of full wheat bread, milk, curd, vegetable, pure ghee or mustard oil. (Eggs and Tea were taken in minor sickness only)
3. Spices were processed domestically. So no danger of adulteration. Pure wheat four at home was one of the top priorities. Fresh materials, fresh cooking and no cancer producing preservatives.
4. Brown sugar was mostly consumed.
5. Very regularly fixed times of breakfast and meals. Even restaurants served meals at fixed times.
6. Eating was for living and not the reverse. Again eating used to be meant for normal activities of responsibilities and not for merely taste of tongue (During January 2009 a recipes pursuer on TV crookedly disclosed: “For this recipe, you will go on eating without knowing how much you have eaten).
7. Side by side with simple diet, simple dress was a custom. No fashion mania. Ladies and gentlemen were given respect for their deeds instead of their dresses.
8. To be content with ones achievements was a social norm. So no stresses or tensions.

How we stay Healthy in all circumstances
Continuing use of all modern facilities if we manage to become backward by the count of 80 years at least for eating habits only, it will not only cost us little but also save us mines. So start now with following tips to stay healthy and active without pills and injections:-

1. Regular daily physical exercise for at least 13 minutes period.

2. Use un-sieved wheat flour for bread. Take at least 15 grams of curd once or twice daily. Salad, Onion and uncooked vegetables should be taken as much as possible. Please note that saturated fates (Pure ghee) is need of the body, daily or on alternative days, not less than a tea spoon in quantity, depending on bodies physical excursion. Bakery products must be avoided as for as possible. Bakery products include preservatives which cause cancer.

3. All spices must be processed at home. Reject all packed spices.

4. Always prefer brown sugar. The brownish ingredient of this dissolves negative effects.

5. Meals timings must be fixed. Miss the belated meal. It will benefit your body weight as well as body functioning. You must never over eat. Eat to live and avoid the policy of “Live to eat”.

6. Maintain your own styles and choices. Reject fashion mania. Fashion only grabs your savings, it does not add an iota to your good luck, whereas savings do.

7. Never leave struggle but always be content with what you have achieved. Every split moment remain sincerely thankful to God. In the holy book God Almighty has promised to every human being: (a) God does not waste anybody’s honest and sincere efforts. (b) If he decides to reward you, nobody can stop it. And if he decide to punish you, nobody who so ever, can save you. (c) He knows your mind and he minutely know your intentions.

8. Avoid all materials, especially injurious to your heart, kidneys and liver. For that avoid all deeply roasted victuals, excessive fats and strongly spiced dishes.

Some Booster Tips for Healthy life for you and your generations:
1. Three quarters of a teaspoon of ‘Kalvanji’ twice daily is security and cure against known and unknown diseases.

2. Turmeric (Huldi) must be an integral part of spicy dishes. It fights the very development of cancer.

3. Take at least three Dates (Khajoores) of yellow colour, daily at any meal time. According to research yellow of date (Khajoore) saves from cancer.

4. Do not miss to take at least 6 to 8 glasses of water in winter and 10 to 12 glasses in summer, with or without thirst.

5. All products with preservatives must be rejected. Preservatives cause cancer.

6. Use modern facilities like AC, Heater, Oven etc, as minimum as possible to retain and develop physical resistance.

7. Never permit used needle pricks for injections or ornamentations (In ear and nose). Cases of transfer of incurable diseases through used needles have been discovered in Pakistan recently.

8. Never permit use of dental instruments not sterilized by proper electronic apparatus. In USA, transfer of incurable diseases have been traced down to un-sterilized dental instruments.

The benefits of above Precautions:
1. Considerable release of stress on hospitals.

2. Minimum stress on home budget.

3. Healthy families, healthy nation and healthy generations affording more and more time and efforts towards progress and prosperity.

Written by: Geodetic Engineer M. Ashraf


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