Friday, October 30, 2020

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Death of a Patient on Hospital Floor

Death of a Patient on Hospital Floor

A heart cum kidney’s patient could not be afforded a bed and she expired on bare floor of Jinnah Hospital, Lahore on January 02, 2017. The incidence is a case of mockery of a state among the community of states including the under developed countries of the world. The incidence opens a whole volume of […]

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MSG ffood addictives

Food Additives: Danger to our Health

You open a packet of potato crisps or some crunch, Salty corn snacks thinking you are just going to eat one but moments later, your fingers are scraping the bottom of the bag.  All gone, leaving you wanting more but… guilty? But wait, it is not your fault. The culprit is MSG or Ajinomoto –– […]

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Calcium for our Body

Calcium for our Body

Setup of our bones bears whole weight of our body throughout our lives. Weak and less cared for structure of bones at last starts speaking of its complaints in various forms of overall health problems. Individuals apparently looking healthy also come across problems appearing to be incomprehensible. Backbone pain, neck pain, pain in the lower […]

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