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Affection by Loneliness Generates Depression and Odd Behavior


The affected person might be otherwise physically fit and without financial problems, inspite of that feeling of loneliness keep piercing him all the time he is awake. From odd behavior to depression over to temptations of suicide, loneliness is the cause of mental torture affecting the person over to a state where living becomes a punishment without any obvious fault on his part. Loneliness, for countless individuals, is the prime cause of various categories of addictions to alcohol and narcotics.

Loneliness affects human beings without regard to age and circumstances. It affects children whose parents leave them alone for reaping the benefits of earnings. On the other hand it affects old people whose children have grown and gone. Young men and women are affected due to reasons that cannot be analyzed successfully. Among the affectees are the teen agers who are misunderstood and deprived of the guidance of their elders. To the extreme, there is loneliness among the married couples, within the bond of marriage, when they are living together as husband and wife.

Loneliness does not sting on dark gloomy days, it can pierce you on a spring morning or a summer day, wherever you maybe.

Appallingly the count of affectees in shape of suicides, depression, drunkards narcotics addicts oddly behaving, etc. is in millions throughout the world. It is pity that so precious a life, the great boon of Almighty be wasted and consumed so mercilessly. All sources of entertainment including music, TV, cinema, clubs, games, acting, modeling, singing, etc. fail to cure the slow killer.

Knowing the horrors of its devastations, we must not fail to search the curing tips for it because, after all 100% human beings of all ages and various circumstances do not suffer from loneliness. Let the environment and the circumstances of lucky spared, help us to help the pitiable sufferers.

To precisely define loneliness, it is a consuming disease that eliminates happiness and all joys of life without any apparent reason. The peace of mind is shattered altogether. Still it must always be remembered that to be alone is not at all as to be affected by loneliness.

If any affected person makes an effort to find a remedy in luxuriating the facilities of life, he gets all the more gripped with the clutch of serious loneliness. Same is the case with more and more efforts in searching comfort in more and more entertainments and amusements. So many great singers, actors and musicians have taken refuge to various addictions for getting rid of loneliness.

All efforts of acquiring happiness, comforts and solace to ward off feelings of loneliness do not work. Such efforts are based on self centered attitude of life which can never guarantee cure from this nature of suffering. Mind you, personal regards always happen to be different from collective regards.

If a loneliness affected person walks around his neighborhood, his locality and various settlements of his city, he will yearn to have decades of more life for the works and the services he is capable of doing for others. His own problems of loneliness will vanish altogether. There are children who are badly in need for guidance. Parents of such children are unable to spare time for them, or they are separated or dead. This future wealth of the nation must be afforded attention. There are young couples living together but distance apart from each other or at least one of them suffers from depression to the agony of his/her companion. Such couples need help that you can provide. Guidance of your own experience of life can work here. For such husband/wife you’ll have to gather courage and determination to be aggressive in helping them. There are patients physically disabled due to any long term disease. They need company. They need joy of conversation. Some of them might be happy to express themselves on various issues. Such patients will eagerly wait for your next visit, and that will be a source of quite some pleasure for them. Like these patients there are the deserted aged persons living lone and always in waiting for some courteous fellow to chat with.

So you Mr. / Madam / Misses loneliness – affected have boundless projects to work upon using your talents and capabilities in service of so many needy human beings.

In addition to above all you can make use of the internet for correspondence with others. You will feel that you become the source of diversified help to others by exchange of emails. A young man in my close vicinity became a quite beneficial source of multidirectional guidance to young people who just started carrier of life. In addition to that you can yourself assess the problems of the fellow citizens and post comprehensive articles on various topics and problems faced by the people worldwide. These efforts by you will benefit humanity within and without your lifespan.

Nature is Beautiful

For ordinary or primary cases of effects of loneliness, you must rigidly work upon a process. Before going to sleep at night, list a number of jobs to be accomplished next day. This daily schedule must include at least 60 to 90 minutes of books reading, preferable books on sociology and human behavior. If possible, poetry and novels may generally be excluded from daily study as these abduct the reader over to hypothetical world that might never exist. Manage time for TV for all entertainment and information sets of your choice. Remember that idle living is the origin source of countless physical and mental worries without reasons. Strictly follow the saying: “When you don’t have job to do, create a job for yourself”. But never forget that your day must start with outdoor or indoor physical exercise as advised by your doctor.

One of the most effective cures for loneliness is your closest possible relationship with God. Do ask for forgiveness of your past sins with promise never to repeat these again. Rest assured that you will be cleared of those all because Almighty is kind beyond human considerations.

In your determinations to help others, please don’t forget the animal lot. And God certainly blesses one who is kind and caring for his creations. It is also important that you develop appreciations for the beauty of terrestrial and celestial creations by Almighty. The hills, the plains, the river & streams, the sandy desserts, the oceans, the skies, the clouds, the sun, the visible planets, the stars, etc. all these creations bless human beings with mental health. The condition is that sense of appreciation is developed for these all.

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