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The 2021 economic realignment of Pakistan with China

The day Pakistan was created and got its independence it was eminent that any land that was not part of the final deal before leaving Indo Pakistan was meaningfully set for dispute among the two new born nations that were long ruled by the great British empire. It was once known as the sun that never sets on British empire. The British empire was formed by the famous colonization dominance period. The British were able to spread their kingdom across the globe and by 1914 they were controlling 84% of the globe.


The colonial system had worked by dividing each unit or state into parts and then governing the divided areas by a centralized body by oppressing people through new culture, religion, and a new system that was able to dominate the local population by giving them a new lifestyle. The British rule after world war two was coming to closure. So, it was decided to peacefully leave the affairs to the states that were governed by British rule, yet a gracious way of retreating from the occupied land that was taken during the expansion period by force and leave all state affairs to them by giving them independence.

Although the land was given back to them but they needed an exit strategy for themselves as well that will help the great British empire to regain their power. The British although won the war on paper but Britain and Germany both lost as they both lost all the occupied land during war and during the expansion phase. It was time to take a new economic course for both states. All that was invested during the colonization period to dominate nations by bringing in new infrastructure was left inside the independent states that were once ruled by Britishers. As few resources were left at Britisher’s disposal and new strategy was to be exercised or needed to regain the lost power.

The exit strategy from all across the world was a thought process and it was decided to leave the independent states with two prong strategy number one democracy or monarchy. The best way west can politically interfere is to dismantle any government by influencing through politically selected parties, giving financial assistance to exercise stick and master rule or threatening monarchs to take away their power if they invest on security or self-defense keeping them in the hands of the west.


The policy of divide and rule to the independent states was also done deliberately to fulfil the ongoing agenda of the west and putting all the resources invested in weapons and not on the human capital or infrastructure or elimination of illiteracy for the poor countries. The more the countries fight with each other for resources and land it will be easy for the west to regain the lost power and accumulate wealth that they had already lost in the two world wars and in the last two decades.

The independence given to countries like India, Pakistan, Korea etc. was indeed a great chance for them to learn from British people and move ahead and take the right course in the path to progress as a developed nation.

The second world war led to economic breakdown for Germany and the UK, they both had lost as war brought economic disaster for all the accumulated wealth of the west and the other states. As a result, a US and USSR became world powers of the twentieth century. The war fought in the ground in physical domain gave two lessons to the outgoing Britisher’s and west that the conventional war will lead to someone else taking advantage and the war that will make you the global power is economic prosperity and growth. The Britishers decided to take the right course of economic growth and use all available resources to get their prestige back. The G6 and later G8 countries are the outcome of post-world war 2 aftermath.

The West was controlling the world once again and no rival was able to take the lost share from the west indeed. Later Russia was also not able to match the cumulative power of the entire west US, UK and (Europe). The west was again on the track and the countries which had been ruled by the Britishers are still fighting for disputes that were deliberately created to take advantage and take the lost share of the global market. Soon the global market was controlled and ruled by G8 countries and all the left-over countries became third world or underdeveloped.

The third world countries were not able to create a stable non corrupt governments since independence as shame democracy led to, head of clan, tribe, elder or landlord who is called a “jaghirdar” were chosen by the Britishers to rule and create an economical divide among the poor and the rich so that they can control by making a rich richer. The result was creating a ruling elite where a common man will remain poorer who is deprived of every necessity the clan leader will feed him and give him shelter to live, the only choice he was left with was to do his job without asking for a right for education and any higher place in social stature. The rich become richer and poorer becoming poorer and no distribution of wealth or equal opportunity for common man and this also led to an illiterate class created as the elite were having different schools and their children were going to better English medium schools and the common man was left for labor.

The global economic market is still controlled by the western world and countries who are closely aligned to take the western agenda and think it can bring in economic prosperity and yet remain submissive to super powers. Furthermore, the west took leap once again in technology, wealth creation, high living standards, educating every common man in the modern world and conversion of human capital to build their lost economies and bring prosperity to their countries.

Third world countries with poor economies and GDP are still trying to come out from poor governance and political systems. Shame democracy for the ruling elite who join power corridors for the self-interest and want to maximize their individual wealth. Once democracy is in place, getting power is no big issue. Spend money to get into power once again leaving the common man just to vote and stay poor.

Pakistan is no exception. We have had two major wars since our inception and after 9/11 we are still fighting a self-imposed war within the country and the hostile situation still continues. The hope that we see today that can change our economic discourse is that we must leave the west in particular the US and take a new course of becoming a close ally of China, the emerging superpower of the world and biggest economy of the world as well. The new power shift is already taking place. Collaborating with China is ensuring economic prosperity in the country as China has invested over 67 billion dollars in Pakistan already.

All the ASEAN member countries Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines became strategic partners of China and the resulting economic stability in the region had led to progress within China and neighbors. The west has always created a hostile environment exporting violence to remain superpower. It’s better to realign with the emerging global power now and save yourself from the long betrayal of the west.

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