Friday, October 23, 2020

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Allegations Exchange 2014

Leaders of the Sit In and representatives of the government are seriously blaming each other. There are charges of rigging of polls and widespread corruptions among members of the government. The government side rejects allegations and blames the Sit In side for their abusive language. Most recently the government side has been polite enough to […]

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Election Campaign

Gradual Fall of Nations

Two consecutive Sundays (Daily Dawn, April 29, 2012 and May 06, 2012) have brought forth two articles one after the other, discussing deterioration and ultimate downfall of nations / states. First one of these deals with inclusive and extractive institutions causing the rise and fall of nations. As for the subject matter the writer has […]

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Corrupt States and Democracy

Corrupt States and Democracy

According to Television news on Tuesday November 17, 2009, TI’s list of world’s corrupt states has been released. Corruption in Pakistan has increased by five points, loosing serial No, 47 and gaining serial No. 42. It will be a great service to UNO’s members if general guidelines are advised to reduce the serials of this […]

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