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The Castes That Divide Us

While the national understanding of classism grows, caste remains a fairly untouched matter Growing old in a Punjabi middle-class family can teach you a thing or two about castes. Everything from who you should eat with to whom you are allowed to marry is indoctrinated within our minds. It is such a normalized concept that […]

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How You are Judged by a Judge in Pakistan

It is quite interesting actually how people judge you in everyday life. They can’t really judge but actually project their own thoughts, their way of thinking, somewhat show their own personality, where they have come from, family background and the place and environment where they were born and brought up. One of my friend is […]

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Affection by Loneliness Generates Depression and Odd Behavior

The affected person might be otherwise physically fit and without financial problems, inspite of that feeling of loneliness keep piercing him all the time he is awake. From odd behavior to depression over to temptations of suicide, loneliness is the cause of mental torture affecting the person over to a state where living becomes a […]

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Poetic Suppressions

Poetic Suppressions

‘Blowing your own trumpet leaves less breath for climbing’. Relishing play with own sentiments for self pity or ego, completely eliminates benevolent application of educations and guidance. Instead of devising strategies to overcome failure, a poet sits to write verses:- And Richard II had his own style of playing with his miseries: ’When sun appears, […]

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Dodging Students’ Parents and the Nation

Dodging Students’ Parents and the Nation

Contents of this short article are based on Sialkot (Pakistan) in focus but the situation applies to whole of the country. Every academic new year showers profuse numbers of banners and posters, by every school without the exception of a single, claiming highest marks by its students in board / university examinations. They attribute the […]

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Violating Limits

Violating Limits

All divine and constitutional clauses accompany the defined limits for obedience. Adding factors of liking and disliking to any of these clauses interprets violation of constitution. Here are a few examples:- 1- Devising wishful and favourable meanings from the instructions and clauses of constitution. Bestowing superfluous remarks and praises for any personality. 2- Worship of […]

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Persons Treating Effects of Magic, Not Needed

Persons Treating Effects of Magic, Not Needed

Particularly for People of South Asian Sub-Continent Citizens of low literacy states are always under attacks from multiple directions. Professionals claiming to treat the effects of magic and evil spirits earn mines and continue to survive sharing others’ income and resources without any knowledge and power. They are fake and know nothing except to hypnotize […]

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Success of a State's Governance System

Success of a State’s Governance System

Every independent nation / state, howsoever old or new, exists on foundation of an ideology which is the mark of its identity and integrity. Citizens’ loyalty to the ideology endorses loyalty to the nation as whole. Mere writing and singing of poetry and making poetic speeches in love for motherland is never patriotism. Individuals and […]

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Catastrophe of States Declared Corrupt

Catastrophe of States Declared Corrupt

Lands of any state are never corrupt. These always continue to grow crops, offer mineral & water resources and accommodate citizens. Owners of a home built and maintained at the cost of sacrifices of lives, honour and assets of life long physical and mental hardships, will never even think of destroying it. Evidently for internationally […]

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Planned Hatred for a Religion

Planned Hatred for a Religion

If followers of every religion start planning hatred against other religions and religious leaders, the international communities will be in chaos. Whereas, every human being owns religion of humanity by birth, he has God given right to choose any of the subsequent religions. Verily, God given rights shut everybody’s mouth for all criticism for everybody. […]

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Vicious Against Sincerity

Vicious Against Sincerity

Fundamentals of all religions based on Almighty’s power of creation and accountability are truthful. Such religions teach truth, honesty and mercy in all circumstances of human life. Rational, sane and sincere behaviour of believers are blessings of such religions. Almighty cares so seriously about these religions that He does not hesitate to completely exterminate groups […]

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