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Integrity of being Pakistani – Is it really worth it?

Is it really worth it? Do we deserve it? What we have given to our country?

Born as a Pakistani is worth a million! Although we do not follow Islam as a true practicing Muslim in our country and neither we are grateful for having an independent homeland where we can practice Islam in a true spirit what our forefathers believed and visioned for the country that we live in today.

The several divisions in our Muslim society are not only created due to various sects, ethnicity, race, language etc. but as a society we have lost our moral values and we are considered to be a character less Muslims that is reflected in our businesses, culture, the law-and-order situation in our country and all our customs that are westernized. Our society and country are not exactly for what our forefathers got this country free for the Muslims of India subcontinent.

We got our independent home land after a long struggle and efforts made by our forefathers who did not live long to see how it was in the hands of the next generations to come. Our forefathers never got a chance to see if it was worth paying the price for making this country where more than million people had lost their loved ones. We must look into all factors that will help us see the true picture of our visionary leaders, what they thought for us and where are we heading as we have already celebrated our seventy fourth Independence Day.

The vision given to us by our great leader Quid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was that “We follow the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (may piece be upon him).  We are the members of brotherhood of Islam in which all are equal in right, dignity and self-respect. Consequently, we have a special and very deep sense of unity”.

We must see how much we are able to follow our Quid’s vision and what is the true reality today. Our countries founding father Quid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah knew that Muslims of the Indian Sub-continent must think of their future and therefore he inculcated this vision of Islamic Republic of Pakistan into our forefathers and gave us all the reason to follow beloved prophet Muhammad (may piece be upon him) and follow his teachings once we have our independent country. All he wanted was to see Muslims prosper and Muslim must have a free state where Islam was to be practiced in its true spirit.

An independent country for Muslims where we can follow Islam with its true values and principles and a state that will be responsible for every Pakistani’s human right, education health and security. No matter if we are a Muslim or non-Muslim any gender we can live with dignity, will have all human rights and will be treated as an equal Pakistani citizen of the country.

The constitution was to be made in accordance with the shariah law and it was to become the very basis of our country’s judicial system and our constitution so that we can follow it as Muslim nation. Unfortunately, this vision and two nation theory of our ancestors that all Muslims of Indian subcontinent are two different nations not one and we cannot live together with Hindu’s of the region and Muslim must have their own homeland where they can practice Islam. But the true reality remains that Muslim society is not following the vision of being true Pakistani Muslim.

We did get an independent country on 14 Aug 1947 but to become a true practicing Muslim, and becoming a nation where Islam is practiced in its true spirit is a faraway reality. The fact remains we wanted a separate homeland to live we struggled for it and we got it but unfortunately our struggle and effort was not to bring deen and Islam in to our lives or in other words we did not do efforts to change ourselves from inside and our way of life still remains same how we think and how we used to live.

We never intended to first learn Islam and bring it into our lives accordingly and once this is achieved only then we will make a separate country where we will have a liberty to practice Islam and once, we get this opportunity we will try to implement Islamic laws in all factions of life and state institutions.

We have two types of people living in our country. The first type of people who we call liberals they want Pakistan to become a secular state and the other ones who are non-practicing Muslims but also do not want liberals to take the control and must not go against the Islamic principles at the same time. Then we have third type of people that live in Pakistan which are in small minority and they are religious people who want to see shariah in the country but yet do not know how it will come into our lives, in all sectors of our country.

Pakistan was created for Muslims belonging to Indian subcontinent where they can practice Islam and become true Muslims and the slogan given to us was… Pakistan ka matlab kya, La Elaha El Lallah.

If we just imagine or think for a while how much sacrifice our forefathers have done who migrated at the time of partition to see this new homeland. How they lost their families, all their property and houses were burnt in order to get an independent Pakistan. We will have some realization and will help us look inside, our lives and we may change our lives.

We have to become one nation with no religious no ethnic discrimination whatsoever among each other. We all are Pakistani Muslim brothers and sisters this could be the only way we will progress and develop our country. All we need is a visionary sincere leadership in Pakistan that will lead the country based on principles given by Islam and sunnah of our Prophet Muhammad (piece be upon him) it’s a vision also given to us by our founding father of Pakistan and to make Pakistan a strong state and country we all must follow our deen in its true essence and spirit only then we will become a great nation that will have respect and honor in the region.

Shariah must be the integral part of our legislative system and anything that is not permissible in Islam must be put aside and we all must collectively and individually must follow Islam and its principles and become practicing Muslim.

Secondly, we have a duty as a Pakistani to work together and make Pakistan a strong nation with a strong economy and principles that will help us achieve respect in the region and in the whole world. We must strive and do all our efforts to build our country and if we have done any mistakes at individual level and collectively, we must learn from our mistakes and past. Once we decide to move ahead united and will become one nation, we will see Pakistan stand on its feet and we will be right on the track.

We as Pakistani’s must show our integrity towards our country. The best way is to abide by all state laws and pay our taxes to the government and in return the state will ensure that it takes care of its people. Our country is our asset and we must love Pakistan and work hard to build it and make it a place where people will find peace, security and rule of law. May Allah Tallah give us strength and Imaan so that we can work together as a nation to make Pakistan a country that our great Quid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah had visioned. Ameen!

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