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Only For Us

The-Poor-People-of-PakistanDuring the last six decades period after the World War II, some of the low literacy states continued to suffer from miserable gradual downfall in every aspect related to honourable survival. Such downfall is all the more catastrophic in relation to such states that had a history of self supported existence, if not quite developed. Only a simple process of planning and maintenance was required for putting these states on track to progress and more prosperity. Magic has nothing to do with bringing the runner down to the wheel chair. In this context so many questions tickle everybody’s mind: ‘What the rulers, one after the other, had been performing during around three quarters of the century?’ ‘Were they successively incapable?’ ‘Why did they not surrender in favour of states’ more competent political group in the interest of the nation?’ ‘Why did they keep dodging the illiterate citizens successively?’

As for the formation of a federal or central government in every low literacy state, general elections are not contested to serve the nation and the citizens. Elections are not wholly fair based on the history of promises in public. Polls give every indication of desire only to defeat all other political parties. Rigging where possible, is duly resorted to. Dominant groups worship the motto for grabbing the central ruling positions: ‘Only for us’. Dominant groups brush aside all sincere political teams by tactics of false promises to citizens and false blames against every other popular political party that constitutes competent experts to contribute for national prosperity. Individuals of dominant groups running small workshops and general stores consider themselves to be perfectly competent to sun a state and a nation. These groups put everything possessed by them and everybody related to them to risk for superseding every other political party. Evidently they have a list of their own vested interests:-

1- Coverage to their past illegal acts and unsigned pacts with other groups.
2- Illegal support to their own business units as well as those of their relatives and friends.
3- Achievement of unusual security at the cost of public funds.
4- Enjoying international exposure for pleasure without solving any international problem, facing the nation.
5- Preparation for grabbing further five years tenure of the future.

Constitutional clauses and their amendments, composed and written by a single person – disregardful of states’ fundamentals, are got approved in hand raising ceremonies in assemblies comprising of majority of illiterate members. Such clauses mostly negate or bypass the basic principles of the states and the nations. The chosen helm men bear more and more omnipotent attitudes towards public bestowed authorities. This gives birth to virus involving multi directional corruption in states’ institutions eroding all constituents of basic mechanism supporting the network of all public facilities. Further, neglect of maintenance and up gradation of inherited public facilities, destroys the very holding gantry. Collective effects of all these abnormalities and activities of misconduct create a vacuum far more destructive than the nuclear forces. Everything starts catching fire. Everything crushes the supporting blocks of the standing structure. All institutions start falling slowly and gradually. Even the citizens indulge in undeclared war. Crimes and misappropriations become the order of the day. By and by it is felt that effectively controlling authorities exist nowhere. Next comes the process of disintegration and chaos.

Now taking the other side of the picture, during this very period of destructive downfall of nations, some undeveloped countries that suffered from worst social, political and economical problems, staggering at the verge of bankruptcy and disintegration, steadily rose to the status of developed states. All the rulers who sincerely and honestly worked hard, managed, planned and executed matters over to success, deserve salutes of honour from all the citizens of the world. Some internal supporting factors surely must have helped:-

1- There were no gangs with motto ‘Governance for us only’.
2- No crooked groups to brush aside the results oriented leaders.
3- No political parties with two different names and ideologies for shielding each other tern by tern.
4- No secret undertaking with other promising political sections.
5- No politicians in personal friendship with leading members of the declared enemy countries.
6- No rulers to be blackmailed, patronized or influenced by so called super powers.
7- No foreign spies in the guise of double nationality.

Such rising states being conspicuous need not be named in particular. The falling and the rising states are on the list of current affairs.

Poverty-in-PakistanRaising a state from conditions of extreme poverty over to the status of developed country is multiple times more difficult and tedious than conquering Mount Everest. A renowned scholar writes “Going up is difficult task, whereas to slip down simply loosen yourself”. Anybody can easily asses the plight of falling nations during more than half a century period. One would like to demand that all living politicians of the period, whether active or retired from politics, must be brought to the court of justice. During this sagging period, how many talented students were forced to join menial jobs? How many research scholars have been rendered helpless? How many babies could not be fed well? How many parents suffered from improper diet for proper fitness? How many poor courted diseases due to lack of nourishment? Under all these circumstances the rulers and their flatterers kept enjoying the lives of kings and princes. Their daily expenses had been in millions. A gentleman told the story of an old lady who could only afford to cook vegetable only once a week, consumed the same day. During the rest of days of the week the family had been surviving mainly on chilies and salt. About the other old lady he told that she did not have the courage to beg so she used to search edibles from hotels’ wastes. There is no logic for not punishing all the living and the dead rulers and politicians of the gradual fall tenure of any state. Belated justice is blessing as compared to no justice at all.

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