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Tribal Legacies in the World

Rigid and stubborn in attitudes towards their traditions, whatsoever, has been common among them all anywhere on the globe. They are ever prepared to sacrifice everything for the sake of their traditions established and maintained by their forefathers. Colonial rulers have mercilessly eliminated the entire lot of tribes in some areas. In some parts the tribes have gained their rights after countless sacrifices.

Asian Tribes

Asian Tribesmen painted their faces

Tribal attitudes differ drastically in matters related to following two aspects, in various parts of the world. These differences are high astonishing towards their normal habits and behavior of life:-

  1. Concern for the motherland.
  2. Concern for what they collectively think about anything.

Most of the tribes of European countries including Germany, Scotland (UK), Norway, etc. surrendered their attitudes towards their traditions in favor of the honest governance bodies of their motherland. They pledged their hearts, toil and life for service and welfare of motherland. And in course of time they became a formidable source of contributions in the fields of education, philosophy, science and technology, health and sports. This extra ordinary change of behavior for achievements for the sake of welfare of humanity is no less than magic. A study of their past in comparison to present will stand to be a stunning surprise for anybody.

In this context the most dominant contribution by Arabian tribes cannot be overlooked. More than 1400 years before, extremely hard to tackle tribes of Mecca and surrounding areas severely confronted and strongly opposed a reformer who simply wanted to educate them and rid them of their wrong ways of life. The reformer remained steadfast in his mission without compromising on anything he wanted to do in their favor. Members of tribes were ultimately convinced that the reformer was absolutely honest, sincere and truthful. They started obeying him. The result was a highly cultured and disciplined social setup that the Arabian Peninsula and the rest of the world had never known before. Members of those very tribes, within around 100 years after the departure of the reformer, started contribution in Mathematics, Science and Technology that formed the very basis of modern scientific development and progress.

Legacy of Arabian Tribes

Arabian Tribesmen on Camels

The specie of tribes under category number 2 mentioned above are ever suspicious about the credibility of rulers of the mainland of which their lands are part. They keep opposing the rulers and their management by all the means at their disposal. Tribes of low literacy states (literacy below 85% of population) generally come under this category. In countries where corruption by the politicians is a matter of strategic and scientific research project, the tribes cannot be blamed. But in states where governance groups are patriotic and honest, in spite of the low literacy, the tribes must think of coming around.

Impartially analyzing the case of uncompromising tribes, mostly existing in Asian and African countries, most of these are adversely affected by poetic suppressions due to the ecstasy of sentimental amusement.

Poetry, a subject of hundred percent hypothetical non practical inductions, with its managements of rhythm and tone, continues to overpower the sentiments of already stubborn tribal individuals of this second category. Their enormous talents can very well be utilized in education, technologies, health and sports. Unfortunately they use their capabilities in confrontations resulting in burying the whole pool of talents into the graves. Since in most of the cases the rulers are absorbed in grabbing the resources of the state for personal assets, they are absolutely impotent in finding ways and means to gain the understanding of the tribes. The tussle continues, adversity affecting the progress of the whole country.

Poetry is still held in high esteem by every governance body of most of the Asian countries. Appreciation of poetry at state level means inviting setbacks to the state and the citizens. The least that governments of these countries can do is to turn a deaf ear to poetry and poets.

Poets must be left to the mercy of the citizens. 100% subjects of poems and poetry should be eliminated from the education courses. No government member should ever participate in any of the gathering related to poetry and opening ceremony of any poems’ volume.

No divine book of any of the principle divine religious beliefs appreciates poets and poetry. Poetry caused disruption of so many social systems as well as the progressive cohesion at state’s level. In one of the Holy divine books, poets have been mentioned with disgust and hatred in seven different chapters.

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