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Catastrophe of Forcing Incentive of Luxury

Any institute in Pakistan must be empowered with the task of selecting a honestly sincere leader for Pakistanis. Politicians suffering from vote bank sensitivity have been continuously damaging all the internal and international interests of the state since 1954 when they stretched their arms for falling to the lap of SEATO and CENTO forgetting the page of history with story of East India Company. It was a license for outsiders towards unobstructed interferences into the affairs of the state. It was a gesture of no confidence in self. It was a clear sign of no confidence in Almighty. Then it became compulsory for every newly elected prime minister to pay a visit to the white house in USA. And the practice continues. We have seen miserable interferences into our internal affairs especially from year 2008 onward and the custom has now developed over to dominant orders and threats.

Lavish Outfits

Lavish Outfits Display Luxurious Lifestyle and Alien Social Status

Taking advantage of state’s low literacy corrupt and incompetent vote bank balance holders have been the cause of penetration of corruption and adulteration over to the remotest nook of the society since 1990s. The resultant burden of disruption is past on over to the defence forces sparing the politicians free of all worries.

Whenever the governance members are forestalled in any matter by the opposition, they start crying miserably quoting the oft repeated slogan ‘Democracy is in serious danger’.

Politicians make use of sanctity of slogans about democracy in spite of knowing very well that plain democracy works only for peoples with above 85% literacy level. They deliberately make use of the illiterate masses that hold the casting vote.

Politicians of low literacy states have never contributed an iota in matter of nation building process for people of a newly procured territory. They have released only the curse of luxury for themselves and for everybody from top down to bottom. And luxury is the mother of corruptions and embezzlements because needs of luxury can never be fulfilled through fair and legal means. So incentive for luxury from top generates corruptions, crimes and adulterations which command the entire atmosphere of the society. These teachers of luxury at top display luxurious lifestyle even the visiting foreign envoys who are donors of alms and financial aid. How funny?

Luxurious lifestyle is factually miserable tool of begging respect and regards. It does not have any element of any benefit to the person indulged in wasting the ill gotten financial resources in luxury. This curse is dirtiest of all ingredients of odd human behavior. Luxury does not serve any other purpose, whatsoever, in the entire human behavior. And applied attempts for impressing others through specifically engineered ways and manners, is not at all less than insulting and abusing other human beings. Luxury never stands to be a basic need of life. With such a behavior where goes the highly sensitive and important mission of nation building?

Crazy shopaholic people in waiting line for Louis Vuitton

Luxurious lifestyle translates over to explorations of illegal means of collecting riches. People who have the tiniest desire of adopting luxury are suffering from the initial stage of mental disorder. The culprits for this fast growing ailment in this state are the donors of incentive at the top whose real aim is to generate corruption to the extent that no institution will dare to involve itself into the task of its irradiation. As matter of specimen hereunder are the effects of incentive for luxury released from top:-

  • Public dealing office workers know how to snatch money from the public. Delaying tactics is one of their prime tools.
  • Shopkeepers and producers over earn from adulteration.
  • Even the fake medicines have become a custom.
  • Physicians as fake qualified doctors.
  • Loots have been profusely reported in Hajj related matters.
  • “Aamals” / Saints claim to have achieved the powers of God.
  • Road side shoe repairer has learnt how to apply fake stiches for repeated visits of customers so that he can provide for his own standard for luxury.
  • Professional beggars have renewed their strategy for getting money. Hoards of them are seen walking from shop to shop and person to person in big cities as well as in small industrial towns.

At a glance the donors of incentive for luxury have very well succeeded in propagating adulteration, corruption and crimes in every section of the society. Serials related to overall listing impact of the incentive will need a huge volume.

As a result of neglecting the highest priority task of nation building, the state and the citizens have suffered from severe setback to economy. State’s currency has been devalued. Poverty is drastically on the rise. Foreign debts have gone far high. Exports are falling.

Having a view of the contemporary Asian nations Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, India, etc. have achieved a lot in the subject of nation building as well as in productions and exports. Is it not possible for us to learn the elements of leading and providing for the citizens and the state? The contemporary nations are the examples for us to follow.

As an eye opener just study ‘Devaluation’ by Dr. Farrukh Saleem, on page 6 of the Daily THE NEWS, dated December 17, 2017.

Negligence towards formation of a nation out of the population of newly procured territory has brought forth a shape that speaks of all the needful postponed for indefinite period. Instead, the incentive of ostentation forced into the daily lifer of the people, has served a severe destructive blow to the worthy quality of submissiveness possessed by the social setup, that had been an inbuilt asset of prudence to be inherited by the future generations. Loss of this inherited quality that had been commanding the behaviors of society for last thousands of years up to 1957 has served a setback to the process of nation building. Here under are the statements of shopkeepers and examples of behavior of the individuals prior to year 1958 that have been erased from the temperament of the people that have got a notion unknown to the present day shopkeepers, dealers and the citizens:-

  • ‘I cannot even think of adulteration as the boys of my locality have got to grow to perform something honorable for our Muhallah’. (A milk shop owner of inside of Bhatti Gate, Lahore)
  • ‘Well I cannot store anything impure to negatively affect the physical qualities of children of our locality’. (A grocer of Kashmiri Muhallah, Sialkot)
  • People of Noshki, Dalbandin and Nukundi and the people of the South Baluchistan never knew how to tell a lie and how to steal. It had been a centuries old custom to unload the household / kitchen necessities by the side of the main passage and later to carry these by camels after 2 or 3 days period. Nowadays nobody can take such a risk even for minutes.
  • Anybody’s child, irrespective of religion or caste, used to be everybody’s child for care and security. And anybody’s daughter, irrespective of religion or caste, used to be everybody’s daughter for safeguard to her honor and chastity. Today’s era pertains to abductions and gang rapes.
  • The two prime professionals for humanity i.e. teacher and doctor, used to lead a very simple life in addition to perfect concentration in their professional responsibilities.

And so on and so fore over to infinity.

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