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State Institutions are in Confrontation

Yousuf Raza Gilani Pakistan Army’s warning to Prime Minister Gilani…

Political setup in Pakistan is quite hot these days, as there are rumors and speculations everywhere, formation of new alliances and horse trading is on the rocks. The current elected governments seems confused to manage their own setup as well as their party members, and they are taking many odd decisions and making unreasonable comments against other state’s institutions.

Recently, Prime Minister of Pakistan has criticized the Pakistan Army over their stand on Memo Case in a very harsh way. The reaction of this act has come equally harsh. Pak Army has warned the Prime Minister to stay in sense and try to focus on the other important issue going on, rather than interfering in the national security and judiciary matters.

At the time when Supreme Court of Pakistan is hearing a case against government and the Prime Minister Gilani himself has been under investigation in the trial; giving hot statements against state’s most powerful and most respected institute is not so wise act, especially when the chief of army is out of the state on an official trip. This doesn’t make sense at all. A similar kind of mistake was made by an Ex-Prime Minister many years ago, and the result was the discontinuity of democratic process for many years. Is this government deliberately trying to create such circumstances for army to enforce martial law, so that their evil governance, corruption scandals and mismanagements’ damages can hide beneath the veil of pity as being the victims of martial law enforcement?

Now the question may rise, does the Prime Minister of the state not has the right to record his statement against other institution and comment on the actions of a particular person or the whole institute, sure he has this right, but there is a proper way of doing it. Prime Minister office should initiate an official meeting request to discuss the issue amicably and confidentially. Commenting irresponsibly in front of electronic media to acquire easy limelight is certainly not the way to be appreciated.

Probably such abrupt statements are reaction of ruling incompetency, to light up the burden of criticism, allegations and fear of accountability. The government has failed to run the country; PIA, Railway, WAPDA, etc, all major state departments are in huge losses due to enormous corruptions of the ruling party ministers and members, even the Ministry of Religious Affairs is not safe from vicious hands of profiteers. Party’s own members are leaving the party, commenting publicly that they regret for being a part of it, and the party does not have respect for loyal members; neither have patriotic intentions for the country itself, only a handful number of people at upper level manage all the decisions which certainly are against the will of party members in general and catastrophic for the national interest as whole.

Democracy does not mean that a government should stay in power for settled period of 5 years or so even if it is proved to be incompetent and unreliable by all the national and international polls, (This is absolutely a form of dictatorship, a dictatorship held by a political party for its own interest, and not for national interest). Democracy suggests that if a government is proved to be unsuccessful, new elections should be held, as early as possible, and this process should be continued until the desired suitable results, where an atmosphere of trust is formed. This is called continuity of peaceful and successful democratic process.

It is the time for government to act wisely and accept the responsibility that now it is crucial for national interest to hold up the elections in order to maintain stability and peace in the state which can up hold the dignity of democratic process.


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