Saturday, January 22, 2022

Slaves to Luxury

Two qualified graduate doctors have been caught red handed in Lahore (Pakistan) by the end of April 2017, during operational transplant of illegally begotten kidneys. What could persuade these honorably employed and reasonably paid personnel to enter the realm of crime and corruption? The only answer is that they got cursed by worship to luxury. Luxurious lifestyle of top politicians among low literacy people under heavy foreign debts, regularly release signals of incentive for luxury, for all categories of professionals and businessmen, including embezzlers and dacoits. Professionals start looting the people by various techniques and traders / shopkeepers resort to adulteration for boosting their income for luxurious lifestyle. So the culprits are the top politicians who are obedient slaves to luxury for impressing the voters in favor of their vote bank.

Most of the leaders of India have succeeded in presenting examples of simplicity and tolerance. Their message has gone over to vast majority of Indians who live and survive within their means.

If at all permissible, luxurious way of life carries some sense in case of non political manufacturers and producers who honestly and sincerely pay taxes for the public funds. Just seeing the lot of human beings under burden of hunger, diseases and miseries, nobody would like to over spend for himself and for his family.

Taking into consideration the very basic and primary economical statistics, a qualified graduate doctor, with his adequate salary & allowances and permitted private practice, is very well capable of contributing to and supporting  the education and health care of his needy close relatives and next door neighbor. Why should he be a criminal? Maintaining luxurious lifestyle is mostly reckless effort to conceal the miserable past periods of dearth and helplessness. It also conceals incompetency in performance for responsibilities.

People worshiping luxury are least sincere to any spiritual faith and all sacred relationships including concern for the motherland and the nation. With offers of bags of currency / dollars, they will readily surrender the honor of every sacred relationship.

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