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Business Oriented Private Schools / Colleges

Absence of character building factors in education system of a country and misguiding illiterate masses by politicians for vote bank perpetuates process of ruining a nation from two opposite ends. Absence of positive character among the members ruins a family, a tribe or a dynasty and more seriously it destroys a whole nation.

A honestly sincere and factually patriotic government run by democracy, dictatorship or think tank, must confirm for its eternal survival that two professions i.e. education and medical treatment are least business oriented. The principle also conforms to the essence of human rights.

Generations of students coming out of business oriented institutions can never be loyal to three important ingredients:-

  1. Patriotism
  2. Professionalism
  3. Sincerity to fellow citizens

The idea that hard fair income of their parents has been mercilessly looted for luxurious life of teachers’ families creates a seductive behaviour for gains by hook or crook.  Right at the juncture of adopting teaching as profession for life, the person concerned must understand that he is being wedded to simplicity. Simple way of life will have to be his motto. Only then he will be able to induce deep sense of concern for state, nation and fellow citizens, into the minds of his students who have to be the future runners of the state affairs in various disciplines including scientific research, theology and religion. Students of sacrificing teachers will certainly be sacrificing-citizens for the nations.

Here under is a list of names of various private schools in Sialkot city and Wazirabad. From the very names of these schools, anybody can assess the quantum of greed for collecting fees from maximum number of students:-

  1. The Plebe School
  2. The Smart School
  3. Roots School System
  4. The Sky School
  5. My School Network
  6. Sialkot Institute of Leadership and Knowledge
  7. Eden School
  8. The Wise School
  9. British English Language School System
  10. New Horizon School
  11. The Seed School
  12. The Right School
  13. High Aim Foundation School
  14. British English Norms School
  15. BEN School Systems

Children and young men educated in business oriented private educational institutions or government run institutions with absolutely salary, allowances and promotions oriented staff, have produced least quantity of patriots possessing sense of sincerity to fellow citizens and the national affairs, especially after 1960s. Even the highly educated and highly paid lot is being rounded up due to embezzlements, misappropriations of national wealth in addition to drastic misuse of public bestowed authority against the very same public. They have been discovered to be using their educational competence in devising art of looting and dodging. One wonders about the total absence of check and balance when varieties of governments have been enjoying VIP status, securities and salutes at the expense of public funds. Right at present quite a number of criminal cases against highly educated and highly placed personnel speak of something dashingly appalling.

Absences of character building factors in educational system don’t pursue these people to acquire concern for the nation and the state. Education is considered to be mere source of salary / stipend.

Illiteracy among masses has been playing its own destructive part. In selecting governance members, state’s resources are placed under custody of misappropriaters and psychological reckless individuals. Looted riches are lavishly spent on luxury simply to display false and hollow grandeur. As a result of that bribery, usurpation and extortions develop roots. Dacoits and exorcists manage access to TV screens for competing the standards of luxury. Collective effect of all these generate extremism and terrorism. As luxurious lifestyle can never be maintained by fair income, every citizen is habituated to dodge and loot policy.

Here under is the published status of sagging standards of the country’s education system:-


The process of deterioration has not happened in days and weeks. It is fall of decades. Governments have been taking it easy. It is not at all something frivolous and trivial. Deteriorations in education system directly attacks state’s freedom and mercilessly hits at the entire economical system. Verily when looting millions and billions out of the public funds is as easy as child’s play, the whole system travels towards collapse. The situations created by governance politicians of various eras obstructs the functioning of states defences and overburdens judiciaries to the extent that justice is delayed and jails are overcrowded with criminals and extremists.

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