Monday, January 17, 2022

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Mahatma Ghandi

The Supreme Architect of India’s Freedom

Saying yes to accept the charge of an office, only because people offer it, simply rebels. Who will provide the elements of competence never known to the people as well as to the person surrendering their offer? Every person of letters, howsoever professionally successful, is not at all capable to take the responsibilities of the […]

Aaj TV on PM Modi

Aaj TV on PM Modi

By repeatedly displaying uncivil abusive remarks about PM Modi of India (July 25, 2015 afternoon), Aaj TV of Pakistan has contributed to further deterioration of already controversial image of Pakistani citizens. Apprehension that it might have been triggered with the push of some anti-Pakistan agencies of the world, bear sound weight. Among all the countries […]

Mahatma Gandhi

Hindu Muslim Commonalities and Mahatma

Forward: Contents of this article especially invite the attention of:- Hindu believers who regularly study and follow the guidance / instructions of Vedas and Bhagavad Geeta. Muslims who regularly study and follow the instructions of Quran which instructs that choice of religion is birth right for every human being without pressure or compulsion. Religious and […]



Positive change is beauty of human life. Change sustains and promotes desire for happy living. Peoples or groups of human beings obstructing process of positive change become piles of relics. At the same time change is subject to fundamentals. All species of fundamentals never alter in shape, dimensions and characteristics. This determines that there is […]

Parental Guidlines

Roots of Crimes

Social Reforms through Successful Parenting Everything possessing characteristics of growth, development and yield, doubtlessly has roots. Crimes also definitely have roots. Resources, efforts and valuable time have been generously allocated to crimes that are being committed or have been committed. Continued research work and resources are needed to tackle the very roots of crime. Particular […]

Planned Hatred for a Religion

Planned Hatred for a Religion

If followers of every religion start planning hatred against other religions and religious leaders, the international communities will be in chaos. Whereas, every human being owns religion of humanity by birth, he has God given right to choose any of the subsequent religions. Verily, God given rights shut everybody’s mouth for all criticism for everybody. […]