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Puran Bhaghat

The facts of the Story and Disambiguations

The Story
Raja Salvaan (also known as Salbaan, Salbahan – Raja means King) was a King within the Indian subcontinent, who is believed to have founded the Fort of Sialkot. Sialkot is now in the Punjab province of Pakistan, near the country’s north eastern border with India.

Raja Salvaan had two wives, named Rani Ichraan (also known as  Ichhran) and Rani Loona (Rani means Queen). Rani Ichraan belonged to a reputable middle-class noble family who lived in a small village called Roras near Ugoki. And Rani Loona belonged to a low caste family of a unknown village in Jammu.

Raja Salvaan had a great respect for Rani Ichraan and loved her very much. He built a very attractive palace for her approximately 9 square miles (23 km2) in area near her village, it’s said that it was designed and constructed by architects and engineers from Greece. A wonderful road was built from the Fort to Rani Ichraan’s palace that passed through these well areas of Sialkot i.e. Bazar Kalan Tehseel Bazar, here on to Roras Road and the road leads straight to the village Roras.

When Rani Ichraan’s palace was close to completion, she gave birth to a beautiful child who was Raja Salbvaan’s first son and in line to be the next King. The people of Sialkot were very happy and they celebrated his birth. The palace was decorated with lights for many weeks. People visited to see the palace from all parts of the country. On the advice of some local Pandits (religious priests) astrologers and Palmists, the young Prince’s name was chosen to be Puran (also written as Pooran). After a few years, the King’s astrologers suggested that it is good for Puran’s well being that he should stay away from his family; even the King must not see the face of his son, otherwise something unfortunate can happen to Puran. So the suggestion was followed.

While Puran was away, the King was unable to get a second child from his beloved wife Rani Ichraan so he searched for a second wife, a young girl named Loona (Luna) from a village in Jammu was selected as his second wife and he married her. Loona was from a low caste family. Rani Loona was the second wife of Raja Salvaan, and Raja Salbahan was closer to his first wife, this caused Loona with feeling of jealously with Raja’s first wife and the Queen of the state.  Rani Loona was always in search of finding opportunities to disgrace Rani Ichraan. After the death of Rani Ichraan, the Raja was finally attracted toward Rani Loona.

After 12 years of isolation, Puran returned to the royal palace. He had been grown up to handsome young man. Impressive personality and popularity of Puran led Rani Loona over to seductive attitudes towards her step son, and Rani Luna became romantically attracted toward Puran, who was probably of the same age. Puran disapproved of her advances. Being ignored, one day, Rani Loona tried to seduce the prince in her room but he managed to escape. Rani Loona felt so ashamed and angry that she lied to Raja Salvaan by telling him that Prince had attempted to rape her. Raja Salvaan, without hearing first his son’s point of view, became so angry that he ordered his soldiers to cut off Prince Puran’s hands and feet and throw him somewhere outside the state. The soldiers carried out Raja Salvaan’s orders, they cut off Puran’s hands and feet and threw him a well far away from fort and the city.

Injured and sick with pain of wounds, Puran was drenched in water and nobody approached him for help and treatment. Miraculously the cold water of the well helped freezing the bleeding the he manage to survive for a couple of days. Fortunately, a spiritual teacher of that era belief, named Guru Nath, traveling with his disciples happened to pass through that area, he asked his students to get some water from the well, and they found Puran inside, devastated and in semi dead condition. They rescued the prince and brought him to their teacher. After a long taking care, the Prince had partially recovered and related his story, Guru Nath advised him to be courageous and retain his self peace, and invited him to join his group and started his physical recovery and spiritual training. Guru Nath took Puran back to his residence, somewhere other side of River Chenab, near present day city name Jhelum.

After a few years of stay and learning, Guru Nath advised the Prince to stay beside the well and preach. They built him a camp for his residence and departed to Jehlum. Prince Puran stayed there for many years and gave spiritual guidance to the people of the area. With the passage of time, he became quite famous among the people and came to be known as Puran Bhagat. He became primarily famous among childless couples.

When Puran Bhagat’s fame reached the palace of Rani Loona, who was still childless, she visited him along with Raja Salvaan and requested him to pray for her. Puran told them that he would pray only if Rani Loona would tell the King whether Puran was guilty or innocent. This shocked Rani Loona, she accepted her sin and revealed the truth in front of the King. Raja Salvaan was shocked when Puran revealed his identity. He requested Puran to forgive them and accompany them to his palace but Puran refused and told them that now has a higher purpose in life. Puran told them that they are forgiven from his side and might be forgiven by the Lord and He will bless them with a son who should be named Rasalu.

Later, Raja Salvaan built a place for worship and arranged free distribution of food at the camp of Puran Bhagat. After a few years, Puran’s prophecy became true and Raja Salvaan had born a son who was named Rasalu, as suggested by Puran. Unfortunately the King had died before the birth of this son.

When Puran died, his funeral took place on a mound in front of the place and a small tomb was erected in his remembrance. According to the sources there were remains of Puran’s tomb till around 1857, but at present there is no tomb except for a running well, a compound of two rooms and a small building of a temple dedicated to Hindu deity Shiva. Puran’s Well is a famous historical site located outside the city of Sialkot, near village named Krol.

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The era of Puran incidence have some doubts. Some historians say that it occurred in 2nd century AD. The most common believe is that the Puran’s incidence happened 2nd century Before Christ era, sometime between 200 to 300 BC. The accurate date of the event is not clear but the fact that the story is true, is undisputed.

No. 2:
Some historians mistake the story that Puran was ordered to be killed, but the soldiers however spared his life and helped him escape from the kingdom. This is totally wrong, several facts and leads recorded by various historians as well as local story tellers, passing the story generation after generation proves that the unfortunate brutal act with Puran actually happened.

No. 3:
Some historian mistake that the spiritual teacher came to rescue Puran was the famous Guru himself, the Guru Gorakhnath. This is totally wrong.  According to the majority of the historians, the Guru Gorakhnath existed in 11th or 12th century AD. And a small group of historians insist that the Guru Gorakhnath existed in 8th century AD. So there is a huge difference between the time span of Guru Gorakhnath existence itself, whereas, the Puran’s incidence occurred in Before Christ era. There is no way that the Puran’s rescuer, mentor and teacher was the Guru Gorakhnath.

The Guru Nath series had 10 different Gurus, existed in different eras. Exact date of any particular Guru is not clear. Therefore, Puran’s mentor was definitely a Guru from the Guru Nath series, but the exact name cannot be identified.

No. 4:
A few of historians totally damage the history. According to them, the Rani Ichraan never had a child, and Puran was the son of Rani Loona. And it was Rani Ichraan who tried to seduce his step son. This is completely wrong, illogical and stupid. Even a common reader can evaluate the facts. –– Suppose Rani Ichraan married Raja Salvaan in the age of 20 years, she waited for a child at least 5 years. At her age of 25 years, her husband married a second wife, and the second wife had a son after 1 year. Then Puran grew up to be a kid’s age and finally sent away from his family for the durations of 12 years. When Puran returned, he was at least 20 years old and Rani Ichraan was 46 year old. It is absolute insanity to imagine that a 20 year old boy was seduced by a 46 year old step mother. –– Get a life!

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