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Fall of Saddam’s Great Iraq

Fountain of the Forty Vases - Baghdad, Iraq

Fountain of the Forty Vases – Baghdad, Iraq

A paradise in the making, a state taking the shape of one of the most developed countries of the world and an Eden for the job seeker citizens of the countries of the world, Saddam’s great Iraq was subjected to conspiracies of habitual trouble makers. On extra ordinary lucrative under taking, probably making Kuwait a part of Iraq, Saddam was persuaded to attack Iran. A country of 13 millions population attacking a country of 60 million population. A combat managed between two Muslims countries using the rival factions. All education, training and experience of Saddam Hussian had been smashed by the Western commitments which were never meant to be fulfilled. Effects of war devoured all resources of the state. Developments stopped before completion. Economic hardship gripped the state. Foreign employees were relieved of their employment. Contracts had to be ended. There was dearth of eatables. The whole administrative setup was adversely affected. And what happened during the years that followed was appalling and disastrous. Western carpet bombing erased almost all the developments achieved during the governance of Late Hassan Al-Bakar. West could not tolerate a far better standard of living as compared to that maintained in their countries.

Entrapments of Saddam Husain leave a message for developing nations of the world. Peoples must solve their problems in their own way with the help of available resources of the states. External guidance and commitments are always deceptive and destructive. External debts and aid are all traps to derail the entire setup of the recipient countries. No state should accept any outside help without its own rigged terms and conditions. Even an apparently beneficial support offer from outside must be flatly rejected. A state’s own interest and security must be the prime motive. All friendships and sweet helps need minute analysis. Not even a single gesture of external friendship should be taken lightly.

States suffering from abuse of foreign dictations and instructions in return for aid and debts are in regular process of deterioration, corruptions, misappropriations, crimes and extreme state of mal administration. Duped states are fast moving towards disintegration and social lives in these are getting more and more unstable and insecure. Governance members are hundred percent trained Yes-men to foreign forces. Foreign debts are going up day by day and currency value is falling. If patriotic revolutionary forces do not come forward for a reforming revolution, based on self reliance, end is approaching fast towards extinction.

States rejecting external dictation and foreign Yes-man-ship are in regular process of progress and development in all aspects of social, political and technological research sides. There are many examples in East as well as in the West. What an effective pill? Abuse the abuse of foreign dictation, aid, debts and friendly suggestions and be on path to progress and development. If you reject offer of totally free supply of wheat, the whole stock will be dumped in deep sea to achieve controlled prices at home of donor. Exactly similar is the case with debts and aid. But be prepared for splashes of retaliations. Stand firm and sacrifice. Ultimate victory is definite. The generations will be benefited. Real nations will emerge never to interfere in matters of others. Whole human society will be tranquil and peaceful. Let us give real practical meaning to non interference in others affairs.

Saddam’s great Iraq had fallen resulting in great agony to spirit of Late President Hassan Al-Bakar. This certainly does not reflect on fall of the people of Iraq. Iraqis’ moral will never fall because their concern for their motherland is immortal. Results of Iran-Iraq war do not have anything to work as gauge for the reactions of the Iraqis because that was the case of a carved enemy for wishful results miscalculated by foreign forces. It was almost a single man’s decision based on attractive false external commitments. In reality it was not at all an aggression against an enemy in readiness to harm a neighbour. Iran, even apart from its internal reorganisation, could never even think of an overall attack against Iraq. Iran did not have any real territorial grievances against Iraq. People and leaders of Iran loved and still love people of Iraq. When the surprising news of the overall attack by Saddam’s forces was given to Imam Khumaini, under a stunning expression he said: “If it is from God, it certainly is for our good.” World community if watching that Imam Khumaini’s say proved a truth.

Iraqis will continue to resist till they fully acquire there motherland. The conspiracies will continue to fade away and die. All factions of citizens will understand and ultimately unite to rebuild the country.

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