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Another Female Servant Tortured by Family

According to TV news dated March 18, 2017, another girl servant has been physically tortured by the employer’s family. The incidence took place in federal capital of Islamic Jamahiriya Pakistan. It reflects on our social and religious character. And if the culprits are not severely punished, it will seriously reflect on our national character. Periodic repetitions of incidence of even nature speak that the cases are not taken seriously and are generally hushed up. Lenient scopes of underhand forced forgiveness are reconciliations against money, are causing the continuation of the heinous process.

Girl Tortured Islamabad

All sorts of faults on the part of female domestic servants especially in case of underage young girls, below the effort of murder / killing, are liable to be excused in favor of mercy. In case this dealing does not work, the last step is to terminate the service of the servant. Beating, torturing, molesting and dishonoring are all acts that speak of the employer family’s background as well as about the sources of his acquiring the present financial capability to be able to employ a servant. It also speaks of the disciplines of the head of family in connection with rearing and training of his children and wife. Here are two examples of representative civil behavior and humanitarian forbearance of my neighborhood:-

  1. A poor widow with 3 children had to earn for survival. She started work with a family. During years of service she was tempted to steal minor items related to victuals. The family members, on a day, caught her red handed. They did not even rebuke her. They simply terminated her service after paying her the dues for the days of the month.
  2. A young girl of 20 years of age had been working with a family of 4 members for last many years. The family members felt that the money they usually drop on table or in unlocked drawers, had started getting vanished. The youngest daughter of the family planned a trick and caught the girl red handed. The girl servant started weeping bitterly. In the meantime the mother entered her daughter’s room asking about what happened. Then she addressed the girl servant in the following words: “We had been sensing your theft for the last few months. Now that you have been caught red handed, your thefts are confirmed. But I decide to forgive you. I will not mention the incidence to your parents or to anybody in the locality. You promise that you will not steal in future. We are not going to terminate your service. Keep working as usual.”

Both of the above mentioned incidents speak of cultured and civilized families of commendably honorable family background and highly cultured standards of rearing and training of the family members.

Continued torturing incidences in the country speak very plainly about the background of families that continue to beat and insult the female servants for frivolous reasons that are always natural tendencies erupting out of poverty and dearth.

As the message goes far and wide on the globe, we must powerfully stop the incidence with quick and harsh punishment to the defaulters who are, in many cases, double defaulters due to employing underage girls and due to physically torturing the servants for minor faults; and as stated above, all faults below murdering attempt, are minor faults.

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