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Prime Cause of Boosting Crimes in Pakistan

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An analytical comparison of the statistics of crimes during years 1934 to 1957 and 1989 to 2012, based on average volume of population, will be horribly appalling. From 1934 to 1957 the state of unemployment and poverty was worst as compared to the circumstances during 1989 to 2012. There must be a reason, a dominant cause of this hell of difference. Every citizen of the world will be seriously interested in getting introduced to the magical trend that helped and encouraged the civilians for resorting to selfishness, greed and illegal activities in the garb of criminals. White collar government employees started looting the civilians and the public funds, remaining in the garb of gentlemen. Dacoits employed assistants for collections of extortion in the garb of Dons. Adulteration has become a normal phenomenon giving rise to numerous health problems. Shop keepers are mercilessly over charging even the extremely poor people subjecting their children to lack of nourishment and essential necessities. There have been cases of misappropriations in Zakat and Hajj funds. Patients after spending huge amounts of money at a private clinic are referred to other affiliated private clinics for further treatment. Tuition culture in education sector is earning mines. A general trend has developed to earn maximum with minimum possible labour and performance. Every citizen, poor or rich, is treated to be a foreigner for snatching maximum out of his pocket almost at every necessity corner.

Religious extremism, terrorism or economic crisis are not at all reasons of boosting crimes and corruptions as the above mentioned first period 1934 to 1957 suffered from the worst economic crisis due to years of World War II followed by the crucial period of Pakistan Movement, when large and small business equally faced century’s most serious set back. Frequent instances of even degree of religious extremism were also there. The end of 1930s and start of 1940s considerably disturbed law & order situation in whole of Punjab due to a religious movement led by the renowned orator Shokh Sahib. In spite of all that during this entire first period of 23 years, citizens’ mutual cooperation and regards were exemplary. In spite of the fact that everybody was hard up due to the pinching circumstances of the war, sentiments of cordiality and mutual cooperation was wonderful. There were families regularly surviving on chilies, salt and bread. Whosoever could help came forward to share whatever he possessed. ‘Honest’ was a term very much honoured by everyone and not ridiculed. There was a spirit of concern for fellow citizens. Even the dacoits and thieves suspended their activities. What is then the prime cause of profusely boosting crimes and superlative degree of heinous greedy selfishness during the second period also consisting of 23 years from 1989 to 2012?

Doubtlessly induction, propagation and maintenance of luxurious lifestyle stand to be the prime cause of hour to hour increasing crimes. Term ‘honest’ is ridiculed. In various advertisements, through all species of media, term ‘luxury’ is very much used for incentive to those who have no intentions to go beyond necessities. Political leaders, somehow or other, stealthily continue to manage and propagate the cost of their dresses and dream land picture of their private residences. What has seeped through films and dramas has affected least in comparison to living standards of politicians, rulers and misappropriators of government servants. Salaried persons impress their own relatives with their luxurious living through illegal gains. Engineers have been known to manage feasts of special guests in 24 carat gold utensils. In country procured under exceptional circumstances, subjected to burden of huge foreign debts and listed among top corrupt states of the world, everybody is thus injected with desire for luxury, which can never be maintained through normal fair means. Ever demanding elements of luxury want more and more money by any means. Naturally dacoits, thieves and some of the unemployed, being human beings, are also affected by the atmosphere. They increase their number of dacoities, more and more to enter the circle of luxury. As misappropriators manage illegal funds in garb with white collar, dacoits and thieves resort to lawlessness risking their lives and liberty. When the illegal riches pool up, luxury then leads to extra marital sex. Civil crimes take further steps to enter sphere of sex crimes. Sex crimes in Pakistan know no bounds. Innocent children become the target and women are assaulted within their homes.

There is no code of ethics from the rulers. There is no move for procedural nation building process. This is because both of these factors will snatch luxurious lifestyle from the so call political leaders. They will have to wear what the Indian political leaders wear to represent the posture of common Indian citizen. Daily expenses of the President House, the Prime Minister House and the Chief Ministers’ Houses will have to controlled and curtailed. A country so heavily under foreign debts, a country in regular demand for more and more debts and a country among the part of extreme corrupt states of world is being eroded by luxurious lifestyle lessons from top to bottom and nobody intends to come forward to ban luxurious lifestyles from all categories of citizens.

Particularly in countries like Pakistan, luxurious lifestyles are social evils because these can not be maintained through fair means. All previous justifications in support of categories of luxurious lifestyle were abolished forever with the arrival of Prophet Jesus Christ (PBUH). With his arrival authorized mode of living of Prophet David (PBUH) and Prophet Solomon (PBUH) came to an end forever. Everybody must study the lives of Hawaries and lives of all the following religious leaders and preachers. Whereas, anything beyond necessity and moderate fine taste, honestly free from impressing others, comes under luxury, some of the ultimate consequences of ill fated luxurious behaviour in life are as under:-

1- It is cursed with ever lasting unquenchable thirst.

2- It is a completely self centered behaviour of life.

3- It always begs insatiable attention and praise. What for? It begs praise for costly dresses, costly furnishing, over decorated outlook of residence, team of various males and females servants and security guards, frequently visiting qualified physicians and orthopedic experts, regular visits of interior decorator, etc.

4- It aims at nothing beyond impressing and depressing fellow human beings.

5- When the extra fair sources of income end and everything appears to be deserting, the family members support the willy-nilly maintenance process through modeling, singing, dancing, extortions, narcotics, fake life saving drugs, etc. etc.

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