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Luxurious Lifestyle is Mother of all Evils and Corruptions

VeniceLuxuryTiepoloPalace Most courteous and submissive interpretation of luxurious lifestyle is super eminence over other human beings, inferiority complex, madness to look – by sheer appearance only – surpassingly different from all others around, hatred for commonality, minute concentration on self and family members, burning yearn for flattery, beggary for appreciation & praise, etc. etc. all these characteristics are in perpetual hunger and un quenching thirst for more and more funds. Nobody can meet the ever increasing demands of luxury out of hard earned fair income, so ever increasing hunger and thirst results in trespassing the theories and laws of legal and illegal. Resources for luxury must pour in through any type of channels. Wasting away all available resources carve the track for undefined channels. Acquiring of these channels proceed for dishonesty, misappropriation, multi directional corruptions, frauds, deceits, usurping, abduction of babies for money, sale of intoxicating drugs, sale of defective life saving drugs, unlawful occupation of properties legally belonging to others and ultimately falling to inhuman sex market. Drop scene of this venomous ailment is destruction, imprisonment, incurable diseases, courting of disease for onward transmission to children and subsequent generation of the family, ultimately getting extinct from the earth’s surface.

Lovers of luxurious lifestyle, during the course of their survival are tyranny to mankind. Many luxury loving rulers have been and continue to be the cause of sufferings for the citizens. So many luxury loving employers have been bankrupt causing unemployment to their workers, supporting large families. So many luxury loving land lords cause unforeseen hardships for their farm employees.

Maharaja Luxurious lifestyle is destined to end in disaster and destruction. This is punishment for misuse, overuse and illegitimate use of resources created for mankind. In modern world this disease is most dominant amongst the people and families of countries of Subcontinent of South Asia. And this is the cause of suffering of common man of these areas. In some cases the disease is hereditary, in some cases it is the form of imitating the chronic patients of this disease and in other cases it is the result of infection of deceptive media displays. Infected persons unable to maintain luxury within hard earned legal financial resources, start exploring unfair sources of income. On the whole the disease serves as nucleus of crime, corruption and profuse cause of many social evils including sexual promiscuity leading to VDs and AIDS.

Apart from undermining the human values of sound character and conduct, the short span of luxurious lifestyle of a man ruins the personality of numerous persons around and in contact with him by inducing a sense of dominated mentality in them. This results in increasing number of people / families surrendering their dignity and quality of commendable personal values. Verily ordinary people are generally unaware of their so many personal great qualities. So unintentionally they surrender and fall over to lust and shine of luxurious lifestyle, becoming prey to enslaved mentality.

All luxury loving professionals, including politicians are of no value to the welfare of their state and its citizens. All of them are for grabbing and not for contributing. As an extreme example a luxury loving physician cares more for patient’s money than concentration on cure to his / her disease.


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