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Shaping a People Over to a Nation

Process of formation of a worth full product is far more difficult a process than procurement of its constituents materials. Getting a piece of land on pretext of independence is only a starting step for reaching the apex.

People of the territory procured in the name of Pakistan have following historical characteristics and acquired traditional behavior:-

  • They have been ruled by outside aggressors for thousands of years due to which they do not possess any quantum of regards about own country and own fellow countrymen. Dodge and gain for self benefits has become a way of life for everybody from top down to road side cobbler.
  • They are divided into sections of caste, creed, personal esteem and religion. Responsibility towards the rights of others is generally overlooked.
  • They feel proud of violation of legalities.
  • Truth is violated without remorse.
  • Ostentation in all aspects of life, is considered an honor.
  • Personality cult has illegally formed part of religion. Every quaint and every figure among zeros is openly worshiped, including the murderers, dacoits, terrorists, looters, conspicuous corrupts, embezzlers, saints, monks, poets, etc.
  • Crossing all limits for achieving even the illegal and unjustified is rigid part of life for which even the very life is put to gamble.
  • These people have little regard / respect for past patriots. Hundred percent localities / roads / sites in big cities named after the names of past dignitaries like Allama Iqbal, Liaquat Ali Khan, Maulana Shaukat Ali, etc., are presently abodes of crimes and narcotics.

Politicians coming out of such a lot are extremely pitiable phenomenon as they have been always taking things easy since 1947. Nature of the nation building task has never been initiated. Self centered attitudes have gone far and wide. Curses of luxury, corruption, crimes and adulteration have gone beyond all limits. Corruption has embraced even the fundamental teachings. We are hearing about corruption in Hajj formalities and arrangements.

Mahathir Mohammad

Mahathir Mohammad

No nucleus advise can stand to be the cure for destiny of corrupts and criminals. With a sick system of governance, dream of a honorable nation can never be expected. A state like Pakistan needs specifically classified system of governance. Democracy has completely flopped in low literacy states which need statesmen of outstanding caliber and mentality. Mediocre will continue to fail. We do have statesmanship models of modern era and Pakistan needs their true resemblance. These statesmen have been Lee Kwan Yew, Mahathir Muhammad, Nelson Mandela, Chinese team of leadership, Iranian team of leadership, etc.

Nelson Mendela

Nelson Mendela

Status of Malaysia during early 1960s, with Tinku Abdul Rehman at top, was that of a shattered people, perhaps the most poor citizens of Asia. With the arrival of honorable Mahathir Muhammad a miracle happened. And today we see this country steadily rising in all fields of life. A stick man could never achieve what this great sincere leader did for this country.

Pakistan which had been procured in return for exceptionally over paid historical cost of honor, lives and properties does not at all need people selected out of the lot mentioned in paragraph two above. This sacred state needs leaders possessing following two qualities:-

  • Unshakable sound character based on spiritual teachings of any divine book.
  • Possessing in built berries for honoring honesty in the name of state, nation and humanity.

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