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Choosing Topics to Ridicule a Suffering Nation

City Roads Pakistan The Daily Dawn, dated, March 03, 2013 (Books and Authors section, page 6) has published the account of a discussion at LLF, Lahore. This discussion derogatory to the suffering people of Pakistan should have not been published to save its readers from injuries to their sentiments. Sufferings of people of Pakistan are exclusively due to the utter failures of politicians, who have been performing against the interests of the state and the nation. Majority of voters vote in an understanding of confidence and trust. The politicians mostly serve the interests of the party as well as their own interests because where there is prime concern and sensitivity for vote bank, there is a hundred percent neglect of the nation and the state.

Pakistan Railway Plight Now get alert for the shock. The first topic of discussion was ‘Modernity’ and the topic of discussion for second session was ‘National Narratives’. To share the process of mockery of a nation, two Pakistanis managed some six foreigners from West and East. Whosoever spoke had nothing to convey except for a westerner who presented three factors for a state to become modern. Unfortunately, the second factor is considerably ignored and the factual conditions are miserable, especially for Hindu community who are, infact, the indigenous owners of the territory. The first factor has no ground in the country except for the defence part of it. The third factor is only partly in practice. The panel chose the topic ‘Modernity’ for ridiculing a whole nation. Is their any sign of modernity in relation to Pakistan where the prevailing circumstances are as under:-

1- Based on Transparency International’s yearly reports on declared corrupt states, year by year Pakistan has been continuously approaching the lot of most corrupt states of the world. Foreign bank deposits must have tremendously piled up but Transparency International has no approach to it for its publication.

2- From year 2009, Pakistan’s foreign debts have been regularly increasing.

3- Pakistani currency has miserably lost its value. Market prices have seriously affected the poors who are the majority population.

4- Unsolved energy crisis has boosted unemployment in the country. Productions have been seriously affected.

5- Extremism is continuously on the rise and there is no effort at all to squeeze it. It continues to take lives creating extremely serious problems for generations.

6- Law and order situations are totally out of control. See the number of dacoities in daily newspapers.

7- Politicians’ delaying tactics in obedience to orders of the state’s judiciary continue.

8- Collapse of Railway systems.

9- All types of deteriorations in standards of national airline which used to be one of the best in the world.

10- Sagging education system. Schools without basic facilities plus schools without teachers.

11- Appalling poor maintenance of canal system.

12- Poor maintenance of power and telephone lines.

13- Boost of crimes related to sex and kidnapping.

Do you think above situation is conducive to choosing a topic of discussion ‘Modernity’ in relation to Pakistan?

With utter regard to the conservative society of the region, factors causing the boost of sex crimes and dacoities have made great progress:-

1- Sex agitating national and foreign programs including display of active sexual intercourse.

2- Singing gangs.

3- Modeling nurseries destroying lives of babies as well.

4- Fashion shows persuading release of carbon monoxide of naked armpits, totally against even the culture of the region.

5- Tremendous increase in the number of poets in various disciplines.

Lahore canal with sewerage water A Pakistani participant of the discussion presented his novel discovery “The bulk of those who created Pakistan did not want an Islamist Republic”. Obviously the gentleman appears to be un-introduced to the very cause of creation of Pakistan. How the Muslims of India could selflessly sacrificed honour, lives and properties to loose secular India for creating another secular Ex-India? Almost hundred percent Indian Muslims would have retaliated with a big no to Quid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and his team in case of finding a new secular state out of the territory of secular India, as they had been happily living in India with its system of governance. If according to this particular participant of the discussion, some members of the struggling team were deceptive i.e. breaking India for another Ex-India on pretext of finding a state for Muslims, it makes little difference to the cause of finding Pakistan. What holds weight is what the Muslims of India voted for. A state had to be created for Muslims of India and not simply for the leading team or for the extra wishful desires of the leading team.

Schools without roofWe have the examples of Iran before us. It is an existing paradise in all definitions of a modern welfare state. There are, of course, extremely jealous enemies to destroy this paradise.

The account of second session was also not less ridiculing as compared to first one.

People allergic to word “Islam” must leave for west for comprehensive satisfaction to all species of their desires. Let Pakistan and Pakistanis solve their problems to become Islamic in their own way next to Islamic Jamhuriya Iran. If they already posses double nationality, their stay in Pakistan for choosing the ridiculous topics of discussion, needs investigation to discover the supporters behind them.

After decades of request ‘lend us foreign currency’ by the rulers, Daily Dawn has now courageously published the beggary call of a person’s ruthless request under caption ‘lend us a foreign hand’. (Daily Dawn, dated, March 03, 2013 – Images). Poor guy is unaware of the limits that western hand in about to cross in the near future. The sanctity of women is in great peril. Ironically men are further tightening their dresses from neck to toe.


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