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Puzzles of Civilized Era

Some of the worldwide claims are not honoured in practice. Some international generosities become detrimental to the security and tranquility of small states, minutely concentrated on their internal and external serious problems for the benefits of children, women, adults and patients. Some banned strategies continue to be operative openly violating solemn commitments. Flashes of anti civilized era bring back the times when Human Rights Movements did not exist. A few representative examples are recorded below:-

A- We claim that we respect women. Women Day is yearly celebrated. Yearly Mothers’ Day also goes to the created of women. But do we really respect women? Following serials demand answers in this regard:-

1- We see only a curtailed percentage of dress covering the bodies of ladies whereas gentlemen are tightly clad from neck to feet. How do you like this discrimination?

2- During the process of decades, ladies have been habituated to be embodiment of sex attraction. Devising women as sex figures is boosting sex crimes and sex scandals everywhere especially among the conservative peoples.

3- For professional modeling ladies have been accustomed to earn money by displaying their naked body parts.

4- Through most of the fashion shows, women are influenced and encouraged to minimize the dimensions of their dress.

5- There are almost daily incidents of aggressive assaults against women even at duty places, and the accused repeat the old sentence: ‘She was so sexy that I could not control myself’.

B- Holding of double nationality is a matter of human rights and anybody can enjoy its benefits for life as well as for his / her generations. At the same time security and peace of a state supersedes all rights of all individuals for all times. An individual acquiring double nationality, whether he retains or surrenders it in life, must be constitutionally barred from:

  • Any role in any of the state’s sensitive departments.
  • Participation in state’s active politics.
  • Any participation in governance.

for the following justifications:-

1- A citizen of under developed state, acquiring additional nationality of an affluent and developed state is expected to be more loyal to the foreign nationality for all purposes and all services whatsoever.

2- If in a governance position in his parent state, he can not refuse to supply restricted or confidential data demanded by his foreign government.

3- It would be extremely illogical to offer a government position to a person who has surrendered his foreign nationality only days or months before. The action will miserably display lack of confidence in state’s citizens competence and credibility. It will mean that the governance in the country cannot be run without a person who had been enjoying comforts of his foreign nationality abroad. What about our own lawyers, retired judges, retired senior officers, scholars and scientists? The action will openly reflect straight favouritism. Nobody possesses supernatural powers to forget years of foreign affiliation within a period of mere days or months. Double nationality might be an urgent necessity of top businessmen and high profile exporters. It absolutely has nothing to do with the subjects of politics and governance from which such persons are required to be kept skies apart. No independent state can put the securities of defence and policy making to even the least risk. So many states have been experiencing pertinent spontaneous occasional jerks without getting into the very odour of the culprits. Sensitive precautions are must for states, more particularly for those states that paved their path through flowing blood of innocent and harmless human beings of all ages.

C- Doctrine of self determination, as for the statements and lectures, is highly valued and supported. Practically it is least honour. If the self determination of any state differs from the gauge of liking of some adventurous states even by the insignificant degree, the state is declared enemy. Trouble makers in that state are then strengthened and fortified to disorient the whole population. Very few states then stand firm.

D- Democracy has been prescribed to be a pill for all citizens of all states of the world. In most of the low literacy states only dodging corrupts, their families, their near and far relatives and friends are benefited. Plight of common people deteriorates from bad to worst. For such poor states democracy means the strongest duper to acquire access to states’ sources of riches, howsoever meager. Interpretation of democracy for such states is that each of their dominant governing groups must be under supreme supervision and control of an authoritative council of economists, scientists, scholars, theologians and experts from the defence forces.

E- A state’s constitution is a sacred document to value human rights of generations. It must be prepared by a panel of experts nominated by a state’s judiciary. Constitutions written by single persons and got approved by hand raising ceremony of illiterate members of the assemblies, certainly need a minute probe and investigation. The single person might be a mediocre least conversant with the derived fundamental of the establishment of the state. Desk beating and hand raising majority of illiterate members have nothing to do with so honourable a composition. Such members are only meant for filling in the vacant chairs to justify the prescribed pill of democracy.

F- Poor states have partial journalism. The journalists keep changing their loyalties from group to group. Journalists of low literacy states are only sincerely loyal to their own bones and flesh. Most of them join the profession only because all other jobs are beyond the approach of their aptitude. They have no determination of doing justice to this sacred profession.

G- In his book ‘A Very British Killing-The Death of Baha Mousa’ Mr. A. T. Williams discloses the violations of the Geneva Conventions during investigation involving captured citizens in custody of the invading forces during Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Baha Mousa had more than 90 injuries including broken nose, swollen brain, four broken ribs and internal bruising. The other detainees were subjected to hooding with sand bags, beaten with iron rods, kicked, denied food water and toilet, forced into stress position in cold water for dozens of hours, stoned, ear muffed and not permitted to sleep. Such has been treatment with captured civilians, what to talk of the captured members of confronting forces. All this still continues whereas, the justifications for unprovoked aggression remain to be finally justified except for the idea that all small states rich in natural resources and minerals are liable to be occupied. An excerpt published in the Daily Dawn, Lahore is being recording here under from the book mentioned above:-


Aggregate conclusion is self explanatory. We are still living in the era of thousands of years of the past with mere change of shapes and styles. No guidance from Almighty’s Holly Books for devising conduct of human beings, no solution to problems even for thousands of years to come. Reliance on limited and obstructed wisdom of mankind can bring in only disaster and chaos.


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