Friday, April 23, 2021

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Saddam’s Great Iraq – 12

Saddam’s Great Iraq – 12

The war was on. Iraqi Airways was completely grounded and sheltered. No air service of any airline was functioning because Iran had threatened that it will target anything in the air. By the end of 1980, I got about 4 weeks leave sanctioned for visit to Pakistan. The route was journey by bus up to […]

Puzzles of Civilized Era

Puzzles of Civilized Era

Some of the worldwide claims are not honoured in practice. Some international generosities become detrimental to the security and tranquility of small states, minutely concentrated on their internal and external serious problems for the benefits of children, women, adults and patients. Some banned strategies continue to be operative openly violating solemn commitments. Flashes of anti […]

Saddam's Great Iraq - 9

Saddam’s Great Iraq – 9

This was going to be just the start from Iranian side as we later came to know. The next surprising big attack by Iranians was lunched in vast captured area, in Shush, early in the dark hours of a morning. Thousands of Iraqis were captured, and thousands died without firing any bullet and the rest […]

Saddam's Great Iraq - 8

Saddam’s Great Iraq – 8

I was on the project around Fallujah Town. Iran – Iraq War that started during last quarter of 1980 gained full momentum during 1981. Each country blamed the other for starting war. Iran had been passing through a revolutionary period under supreme guidance of Imam Khumaini. When Imam Khumaini was informed that the motherland had […]