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Professions Meant for Serving

Creepy Tuition Centers and Private Clinics are haunting the nation.
Physical and mental activities of every healthy human being are in principle, to provide and convey the resultant achievements over to the other human beings and living creatures. The benefits help all including ones own self. Individuals regardful of human values don’t misuse the process with self centered mentality. Certainly there is a limit beyond which every sane person must fear. It is the limitless greed and selfishness that knows no bounds. It appeals common sense that greedy and selfish persons, accustomed to squeeze concerns down to their own bones and flesh, degenerate themselves below the category of human beings. Such extreme cases are not adequately sincere even to their blood relations. In situations overwhelmingly attractive gains, they will not hesitate to make use of their family members. Individuals active in producing, providing and conveying on the basis of considerate attitudes towards fellow human beings, are precious for human society. There exists a category of human beings who produce and provide as donations, retaining only sufficient for their survival and for sustainability of their production system. Such ladies and gentlemen are Almighty’s special blessing for human beings and living creatures.

Doctors at Private Clinics

Reality of Doctors at Private Clinics

There are professions which are absolutely meant for service to living beings. These have little justification for pilling up gains for personal over spending, beyond moderate bounds. Among around half a dozen such professions, the top most stand to be the medical treatment of suffering people regarding physical, mental and psychosis ailments. In under developed and developing states in which government based system of medical treatment is not adequately effective, poor citizens suffer beyond imagination. Those who approach private clinics become ultimately penniless. Who will approve and appreciate the lordly maintained residences of the owners and runners of private clinics and private hospitals? Providing medical treatment to the suffering individuals, in all fairness, must be on no profit no loss basis. Parents of students yearn that their children should qualify for the medical profession simply to see them fleecing the patients for maintaining lordly life for themselves and their families. It is the foremost responsibility of the governments to control and watch the private medical practitioners. In some declared seriously corrupt states, there are cooperative groups of private clinics. When a group sufficiently gains patients’ financial resources, it refers him to the other clinic / hospital for further treatment towards complete cure.

Tuition Center

Next comes the education sector. It has been seriously defamed for getting the shape of mere business, earning billions every year. Rearing and educating the children must be purely on no profit no loss basis. In declared corrupt states we find persons simply investing for schools and colleges to earn billions every year with little participation in active education process. They themselves enjoy kingly lives of the comforts of their palaces in corners of the state, whereas the riches travel over to them from every corner. Like groups of private clinics / hospitals, they form groups to dupe the parents and children with claims of high standards of their educating procedures. One wonders whether or not governments exist in such countries. In such states educationist quacks play hell with the sentiments and resources of citizens. Then they go steps ahead to grab through the tuition terminologies making mines out of the almost compulsory tuition culture that they have developed through convincing and advertisement. Joint action of investors and tuitions lead the students as duds out of the schools and the colleges. Students are brain washed and accustomed never to know the art of using their grey matter. The result is that except for a few exceptionally talented, most of the students end education to become models, singers, dancers, narcotics suppliers, extremists and dacoits. There is, perhaps a tactic for managing concurrent backlash for low literacy states adopting Western democracy in absence of a powerful supervisory council consisting of technocrats, economists and scholars. A whole nation’s luck is thrown at the mercy of mostly illiterate members of assemblies for continuing jobs of desk beating and hand raising ceremonies. Governments’ schools and colleges are mostly face saving tools. There are village schools where there are no teachers at all. There are village schools where the teachers visit only twice or thrice during the month. There are schools and colleges everywhere where the teachers / lecturers are attending their private business units during active duty hours. Corruptions of corrupt politicians creep down to every member of every essentially sensitive institution. Verily corruption always descends from top down to bottom.

It is for the parents and students to decide years before entering any of the sensitive professions, including medical treatment and education of nations’ children, as to whether or not they will be prepared to go with no profit no loss doctrine during the lifespan to serve the nations, humanity and living beings. Writing and singing national and humanity songs serve nobody. Active practical services of donating and sacrificing attitude only matter. In corrupt states you’ll always find the ever repeated deceptive sentence on the lips of parents and students, “I will serve humanity by becoming a doctor”.

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