Tuesday, January 19, 2021

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Dacoits and Embezzlers Amend their Constitutional Provisions

Dacoits and Embezzlers Amend their Constitutional Provisions

Their patience and forbearance are really praise worthy. They steadfastly remained loyal to the provisions of their conventional constitution i.e. looting for survival, by the count of thousands of years. Verily all dacoities involve life risk. With the extinction of kings and rajas, the entire scenario of social life completely changed. Terminologies of democracy in […]

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Political Ignorance is a Disease

Political Ignorance is a Disease

“We all are born mad; some remain so.” –– (Samuel Beckett) Political atmosphere is almost at its boiling point in Pakistan these days. Every nation goes through such period in their developing time. It helps cleanse the political thinking and democratic approach of the society. Political debates and arguments open citizens’ minds and make them […]

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Fall of Centuries Old Standards

Here is news: Islamabad – Despite heavy investment in higher education sector during last fourteen years, Pakistan failed to make its place among top hundred universities of Asia (“The New” Dated: June 29, 2014). History of education standards goes centuries back prior to British occupation of the subcontinent. Primitive educational institutions possess honour of passing […]

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Narendra Modi & Sartaj Aziz

Pre Coronation Bow

If Mr. Narendra Modi acquires the position of Prime Minister or President of India, it becomes an international obligation for Pakistani rulers to go ahead for establishing relations with the people of India through their elected leaders. What happened in Ahmadabad can never be forgotten on humanitarian grounds. Massacre and dishonouring of the citizens in […]

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Only For Us

Only For Us

During the last six decades period after the World War II, some of the low literacy states continued to suffer from miserable gradual downfall in every aspect related to honourable survival. Such downfall is all the more catastrophic in relation to such states that had a history of self supported existence, if not quite developed. […]

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Corrupt Politicians Adding Countries to List of Corrupt States

Corrupt Politicians Adding Countries to List of Corrupt States

In a declared Corrupt State, teenagers do feel degraded. They have a question in mind ‘why are we citizens of a corrupt state when we have done nothing wrong in the interest of the country?’ They are too innocent to understand that corrupt politicians are responsible for the situation. These so called politicians know little […]

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