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Curse of Feigning Tyranny for Peoples

stop-corruption Simulation developed over to habit, undermines the whole personality of a person. Valuable efforts on his rearing and education, gradually start vanishing. Even his spiritual side of human values starts getting adversely affected. He looses urge for helping others in need. He does not believe in honesty. He does not feel ashamed in trespassing the genuine rights of fellow human beings. Nobody will ever see him in action for trying to forestall something very wrong and illegal being done before his eyes. He will never mind something criminal going on so far as it is not involving his skin and bones. His sentiments about his country and nation are similar. No sermon or ethics can reform his behavior. He ends in diagnosed or undiagnosed incurable mental sickness.

CorruptionMost unlucky are the nations, whose politicians and rulers posses the above stated characteristics. They get together and manage to form a political party consisting of members expert in simulation, in various countries. They soundly believe that masses, howsoever educated and vigilant, ultimately surrender to the hypnotizing force of hundred percent false policies, promises and slogans. Such political parties consist of unsuccessful professionals, paid orators, unpopular poets & writes, ever hungry businessmen, threatening & killing gangsters, sons / daughters / relatives of incompetent & deceiving ex-politicians or politicians, etc, all badly in need of money through corruption and misappropriation which is their lifelong inherited source of income. They posses luxurious bungalows, properties and Geneva bank accounts abroad.

As soon as the political party of incompetent politicians usurps power, engineered out by false slogans and poetic promises, in any unlucky state of the world, worst species of corruptions, misappropriations and crimes take to the wings. They collectively attack the states’ reverend institutions to compel them for accepting dictation. They wouldn’t hesitate to compromise national interests and national basic rights in return for frivolous items which are not hard to process within states’ resources. With raised eyes they always look for aid (Alms) and debts. World community watches, with musing grins, these individuals who are unable to run even an ordinary business, are governing many millions people.

Only those nations flourish and rise whose politicians speak less and work more. They achieve targets in sole interest of state and nation, particularly for the coming generations. Talkative ruling parties have been causing destructive deterioration to the states and the citizens through fake promises and empty oratory. So holds the motto: ‘Blowing your own trumpet leaves less breath for climbing’.

Only incapacitated lethargic parasites fix commitments that will never come true. Dealing with national and international affairs demands competent and selfless patriots. This subject will never be the headache of corrupt and greedy groups of politicians, whose every member supports every other member in matters of corruptions of all categories, at all forums.

Lucky are the states whose statesmen work exceptionally hard for pooling their internal resources and only later release the news of their planning and achievements for the citizens and for the coming generations. Peoples of lucky states deeply respect their selflessly patriotic leaders. Such leaders do not have any property abroad. They also do not have Geneva accounts as well.


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