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Gallup Ridiculing Pakistanis


Recently we have been hearing news from all of the Pakistani media about the latest survey of Gallup Inc. on the improving political and economic conditions of Pakistan. According to Gallup, Pakistan’s overall economic situations has improved due to dutiful, passionate and patriotic efforts of PMLN government. Gallup survey claims 55% public is satisfied with whatever the heck is going in the country. Taking the insanity to a next level they further have claimed that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is the most popular political leader of the country than any others at the time. And the Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif’s performance is better than all the other chief ministers of all other provinces.

Seriously! Come on people, where did you get this information. Have you really conducted any survey or just took the instructions from some place about what exactly to publish. Open your eyes and look, ask people, if there is any teenie tiny itsy bitsy improvement, it is because of the people and only people, their own personal private efforts, not at all because of the government. There is no such thing like improvement in the popularity for this government, however, if the improvement mean in minus below zero, then yes, Gallup is right, the popularity has improved by -100 starting from 0.

Ask public, the government of PMLN lost their popularity card the moment they increased the General Sales Tax from 16% to 17% in June, last year. This stupid decision brought a whole bunch of problems for the common man, inflation, corruption, stocking and adulteration of food items, unemployment, raised production cost, direct and indirect taxes putting extra burden on small businesses, creating a chain reaction of economic crippling.

They lost their popularity when they implemented that 17% sales tax on the businesses which were exempted from the sales tax circle before, these small businesses don’t do the business in the way that sales tax applied to them, therefore, not only betraying small businesses but also putting extra burden on the Taxation Department to handle more cases without any benefit out of it, thus simply consuming national resources, wasting time on extra paper works and creating an atmosphere of distrust and chaos among business circles.

They lost their popularity when they declared India as their Favourite Nation despite of having 4 major bloody battles and several small battles with them, the country who is killing Muslims every day in Kashmir, the country who butchered a million Muslims including women and children and raped thousands of women, duration partition in 1947. The country whose all resources are against the sovereignty of Pakistan, not letting any chance go to waste of portraying bad image of Pakistan in front of international community; all this simply because the high officials of the government have factories, businesses and investments in India. This act alone is not less than a High Treason and deserves death penalty for these traitors publically.

They lost their popularity, last year, when they loan banks US$ 80 million and printed currency notes of 625 Billion Rupee, creating fake economy, in order to clear the circular debt, but in fact they have failed to control the circular debt as now it has again reached up to 250 Billion Rupee, hanging there to drop another economic bomb on public. In order to deal with it in coming fiscal year, at the launch of budget 2014-15, they are planning to implement more taxes to suck the blood out of the bodies of the citizens.

They lost their popularity when public witnessed the use of national resources with regional discrimination. All the funds and all the attention is only for one city and other cities are totally deprived from any development. In the last 5 years tenure, Punjab government spent 30 Billion rupees on cages bus project, whereas dust is blowing in other cities. And now in this tenure, Punjab government is planning to waste 45 Billion rupees on another cage bus project in Rawalpindi.

They lost their popularity when they failed to fulfil their promise of overcoming the energy crisis within the claimed time period. Now they are demanding more time and more national resources to waste in disguise of resolving this problem, but in reality these extra funds will be used to please the favourites. They are spending more and more on expensive Furnace Oil fuelled power projects instead of Hydro, Coal, Nuclear or Solar power projects, because the investors offer huge cuts for installing fossil oil based power generation projects, because these are cheap to setup and offer high returns. Not even a single major Hydro power project is in the pipeline, all they are giving is10 megawatt, 20 megawatt, 50 megawatt lollypops.

People at Gallup, seriously, don’t you know all these facts about Pakistan, what did you think the Pakistanis knowing all these facts will give you positive thumbs up when you’ll tell them about the popularity of the government? You need to check the credibility of the staff you put up on this survey project. They must be fired or restricted to do the clerical works only.

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