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Meena Kumari

Meena Kumari

From Left: Meena Kumari – with Bharat Bhushan – with husband Kamal Amrohi

Mughal Emperor Akbar was one of the most sensible rulers of history and one of the most sensible persons of all times. He was not much educated but he introduced the art of deftly using grey matter as a result of which he successfully ruled India for half of a century. He established groups of advisors including scholars, religious leaders and technologists to assist him and to provide him with expert opinions on matters of ruling policies and affairs related to citizens of the state. He did have great regards for advices of all of them and treated them with great respect. This wise way of ruling a big country earned hearty respect from all sections of Indian society and the emperor was respected by every citizen. The financial sources of the state were securely maintained and it was one of his most outstanding achievements. Nothing was aimlessly wasted and nothing was spent with vain pride. People as whole lived peacefully and happily secured.

Every professional and artist is emperor of his domain of profession. Deciding matters singularly and unilaterally is way of life that simply proceeded to destruction and destitution. Over all reliance on a single mind is prone to losing everything owned by a person. He must have at least three advisors i.e. a capable financial advisor to be periodically replaced by more sincere and honest advisors, health advisor to restrict all kind of eatables and drinks and lastly a spiritual advisor for remaining in safe and secure limits. Every temptation against the strict opinion of the advisors must be courageously overcome for safe and honourable future and for all times after death.

Based on records of media and internet, Late Madam Meena Kumari was born to financially hard-up parents which was none of her faults. As a child she had been forced into studios’ business against her choice and will and this also was none of her faults. After adequate earnings from 93 regular films from 1939 to 1972, reasons of her serious financial headships are unimaginable. Where, how and why her considerable riches vanished, is seriously appalling.

Miserable financial condition of Meena Kumari at death bed grieves every human being. At a time when she was supposed to play and go to school, she was a working baby to earn for survival of her parents. Thirty three years of her hard work ultimately ended on death bed without money. Nobody advised her to hire at least three advisors to maintain her image even after death. Nobody advised her that love at the very first sight has history of failure because lust and lime light attraction is mere deceit due to the fact that these seriously numb the rational approach of mind. Here she needed a teacher and the spiritual guide. Volume of her earnings got slowly poisoned, and she needed a sincere financial advisor. Any diet or drink consumed measurelessly manages quick approach to grave. Here she needed a strict health advisor. With all these three advisors she could save mines to herself and to fellow needy human beings who deserved her attention.

Her sincere advisors, full time or part time, would have advised her that loves at first sight degenerate in very few subsequent sights because real knowledge of man’s drawbacks and disqualifications start getting discovered. They would have told her that even the visual impressions of the gentleman were least attractive as compared to her young captivating beauty and foreseeable bright professional future. They would have informed her that funds of riches always pour from above and no prospective attachment can ever snatch these.

It was most unfortunate for the young lady that a comparatively less attractive and much older gentleman completely failed in containing the very much expected wraths and mistrusts of the shinning young lady. It gives every indication that on his own that gentleman took it for granted that everything will be smooth and easy, whereas being almost an old man he must have prepared himself for the approaching hard times. He must have taken it most seriously that he was going to deal with the life of almost an innocent female and females are the most respected part of human society.

When young ladies’ old husband judged, if at all he could, that things were getting out of his poor control, he must have managed to arrange for a gentleman of requisite qualities to marry her and afford her a satisfactory happy life. Instead he left her aloof and hanging in heart eating sorrows and grief to die in pitiably miserably circumstances.

With a meticulous process of choosing partner of life, she could raise children who could put in possible contributions to the human society. Three advisors could manage to achieve her life after her death. It would have been a life affording incentive for others eternally. Her life could have been a monument working as light tower for others.

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