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Hazards Under Corrupts’ Governance

Corrupt rulers not releasing corruptions’ incentives for citizens or citizens immune to temptations of corruptions learnt from corrupt rulers, will certainly prove true only when a domestic sparrow, with a wild elephant at its back, will fly towards the North Pole. Widespread corruptions dominating the atmosphere of the country, settle the status of rulers.

Corrupts are immune to patriotism. Openly and inwardly they ridicule honesty and sincerity. Due to their greed for more and more illegal gains, luxury and screen displays, they have been cursed with incompetence and worthlessness. If you question them about the problems of the state and the citizens, they will look into your face with an awe, gesturing that it is none of their business.

When governance of a state is usurped by group of corrupt politicians, incentive for illegal and unfair gains dominates the entire socio political and socio economical atmosphere. All lessons of honesty and patriotism learnt at educational institutions and spiritual centers, are swept away from the population accept for a small exceptionally staunch group of individuals who maintain their bond with justice at the cost of their peace and comfort. This situation is superfluously boosted when habitual corrupt politicians grab the power chairs through rigging of the electoral process. As sacred institutions as religious affairs and medical treatments, are evenly affected. To grab the instalments of the shares out of misappropriations from within and gratifications in return for foreign Yes-man-ship, the corrupt politician never hesitate to bargain for the most sacred relationships.

Following the evil conduct of corrupt rulers, infections of illegal gains for luxury become social manner. Civil servants, employees, businessmen, traders, shopkeepers, vendors, adulterators, etc. fleece each other and the helpless poor and weak. An umbrella of selfishness shadows the whole population. Only simple, straight and weak avoid these evils and thus become the most affected section of the society. More sensitive helpless individuals unable to with stand the circumstances commit suicide and end their lives.

There is not a single aspect of individual life and a single institution, government or private, that is not negatively affected under usurped rule of corrupt group of politicians. Anti-health intrusions in domestic kitchens and hospitals / clinics in the form of worst shape of adulteration in victuals and fake medicines, serving a fatal blow to health and fitness of children, women and men of all ages. Adulteration produces patients for approach to hospitals / clinics where fake medicines await them for their onward transmission to graves through complicated and incurable diseases. Quite high profile highly educated persons and medical professionals have been rounded up for large scale business of fake medicines plainly for maintaining luxury and display learnt from the corrupt rulers. In cases requiring surgery, there have been incidents of theft of human organs for sale to support the expenses of luxury and display. (Here refer to this website’s article headed ‘Luxurious Lifestyle is Mother of all Evils and Corruptions’ Dated January 2012).

In countries under rule of corrupt politicians, there are examples of declared adulteration in kitchen items and the phenomenon releases verdict that practically no government control exists in declared seriously corrupt states of the world. (Refer to yearly reports by Transparency International). For example powder Turmeric sells at half the price of its solid form. In some seriously corrupt countries packed food items are simply packed diseases. Cooking and roasting oils have no organic origin. Pickles and jams are prepared from decomposed remains of various fruits and vegetables. To maintain their vim for luxury and display in their residential localities, the Food Inspectors receive bundles of currency notes regularly for according OK, thus assisting horrible harms to human health.

Suffering public and corrupt politicians

Suffering public and corrupt politicians

Corrupt rulers play havoc with states and nations. They surrender both of these over to developed resourceful countries in exchange for bags of dollars in foreign banks. To maintain their luxuries and displays they always remain at their toes to submit any state or personal sacred relationship. It is an irony that peoples ruled by corrupt politicians consider themselves to be independent and free. The states become convenient spots for vested interferences by countries always in readiness to poke their nose somewhere. Sometimes their designs smash with abnormal losses of men and material. In return for dollars the corrupt rulers become committed to act as dictated. For settling the volumes of dollars, meetings are arranged abroad on pretext of discussions about mutual interests. Helm men get the biggest share. Heads of institutions receive the next higher shares. All of them sing national songs with hands on chest and from time to time repeat the statement that they are ready to sacrifice everything for the motherland. On the other hand, according to Muslims’ Holy Quran, even the remains of dead in graves know what is going on.

About two decades before, head of a declared seriously corrupt Asian state returned home from a so called official tour of Western countries. In the course of first press conference, the nation was sentimentally moved by an exceptional statement: “If circumstances demand, I shall lay down my life for the country”. It was an unusual incidence that only three days later the secret deal of illegal gains abroad got discovered by media, probably as a result of sense of scrutiny triggered by suspended status of the statement. Everything got into the air. It would not be taken strange that citizens whose eyes experienced an automatic flow of tears, got enraged and abusive. In corrupt states ‘hush up policy’ for certain levels, commands to sweep away dozens of serious cases which can normally send ordinary people to jail for life, only in a very few hearings in the Court of Justice. There are declared corrupt states where dozens of members of the political gangs got hundreds of millions loans written off and they are still active in politics. What an abusive history they are giving birth to? On or below earth they will always remain cursed for their dishonesty and misappropriations in sacred public funds.

Remedial measures to eradicate corruptions will remain exceptional joke for international community and the history for coming generations, unless the corrupt rulers atop are not rounded up. Seventy percent incentive based corruptions will automatically vanish.

There must be some type of force to be applied for the sake of human beings miserably suffering at the hands of the corrupt politicians whose competence does not go a millimetre beyond tactics of corruption and luxury. Most of the members of assemblies are in their pocket and they can get everything approved and passed in hand raising ceremonies.

These looters themselves live like kings and the public continues to suffer beyond measures. A few years back these illegitimate kings were hard up in running their kitchens adequately. After joining politics they claim to be the descendants of loyal families. There is no limit beyond which they will stop looting as the domains of luxury are eternally insatiable. They will be found to be preparing their children for politics to perpetuate the process of illegal gains. In some states the extremely rival and enemy parties have formed groups to share the looted resources of the states. Every group regularly receives the share whether or not in governance. When party A is in power it pays to party B as share of the loots and vice versa. All corners of public services remain needy and demanding. Hospitals without maintenance of facilities, electricity and gas in extreme shortage, no control over adulteration in eatables, widespread networks of magicians looting the p\people, regular business of widespread quacks’ clinics distributing diseases or death instead of cure, TV channels not ready to respect limits for control over sex crimes, etc. etc. in declared seriously corrupt states (Refer to Transparency International yearly reports) controlling authorities practically do not exist. No international body comes forward for rescue. Employees of the departments are additional burden on public funds. World community values democracy more than human security, whereas Western democracy is the exclusive principle tool of corrupts by which they manage their entry into politics and over to governance positions. There must be some system in which corrupts do not come into politics at all. Following two articles of this website suggests highly effective measures to obstruct the corrupts from entry into politics. These articles suggest for sure elimination of corruption in the corrupt states:-

Measures suggested in above articles can be analysed, improved and further developed.

Let us make an effort for honest use of resources of suffering states for welfare of the citizens i.e., the human beings as well as for living beings (domestic and wild animals) that equally suffer in these states.

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