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General Health Precautions

Following health tips collected from various sources and various modes of research in maintaining human physical and mental health, are recorded hereunder.

healthy-kidneysAny health precaution doubtful for a particular individual maybe ignored and not followed. In general, these tips guarantee a long healthy and happy life which becomes source of incentive for many others. A person physically and mentally healthy is a source of happiness and encouragement for unfit and depressed human beings. As and when you see and deal with a perfectly healthy person, you feel like loving life more than ever before. If these tips are followed regularly with confidence, life full of happiness appears to be limitless. Particular cases, in their 90s, appear to be possessing enthusiasm and vim to do wonders. A person of Gujarat (Pakistan) who died at age 132, used to get enraged (at age 125) with young and old men complaining of tiredness. He used to shout at them “You are dishonest and lethargic and do not want to work. I am unintroduced to fatigue and tiredness.” Late Mr. Jack Lalanne set records of adventures and good health at all stages of his age. His books and guidelines are worth studying. Only healthy person can volunteer for help to others. Grave faced poets and idlers are simply source of incentive for courting diseases and ultimately death seemingly before it could come. They simply sit and wait for leaving this world, whereas a person full of health always thinks of taking up ever new adventures. Once a child of 10 years of age from neighbourhood approached his next door uncle who was in his forties, requesting, “My sick mother has fallen on the floor and I am not able to put her to bed. Please help us”. The gentleman’s reply was “My son I am sorry because both of my knees are badly aching. Please excuse me”. Let us go through health maintenance process:-

  • Fight against over eating and over drinking.
  • Take meals / snacks only when you are over hungry.
  • In all circumstances avoid over work and be generous to rest and prescribed hours of sleep.
  • Water intake should range between 6 to 12 glasses inconsideration to North / South latitudes as well as with regards to winter / summer. Shortage of water in body causes formation of stones in kidneys.
  • Avoid excessive sodium chloride, potassium, tea and coffee.
  • Too less fat in body adversely affects kidneys.
  • Avoid direct sun rays as far as possible.
  • Vegetables and fruits must be taken daily.
  • Be serious about Vitamin C, A and E.
  • For calcium be regular in taking Almonds and Spinach.
  • Beware of the adulterated spices and foods especially while living or touring declared serious corrupt states.
  • Control blood density and cholesterols.
  • Always avoid taking too refined honey.
  • Always avoid stress and take only raw sugar.
  • Take care of your body weight.
  • Take light exercise for at least 15 minutes daily with strict regularity.
  • Be positive, think positive and deal positively. Lead a balanced life and do fix days for occasional outing and site seeing.
  • Be spiritual and keep unshakable confidence in Almighty who created mathematics for establishment of universe.

There is an exclusive article on Liver on this website. Refer to ‘Care for your Liver’ Dated May 09, 2014.

Abide by the old but eternal saying: ‘Take an Apple going to bed and let the doctor beg his bread’.

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