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Health Clues at Finger Tips

Healthy NailsSome of the best clues to the state of the health could be at your fingertips. Nails are such a good indicators of possible illness that doctors are recommended to examine them as routinely, as checking blood pressure. Nails, just like hairs, are non essential organs, so are one of the first places the bloody will cut nutrition to when under stress from illness or bad diet. On average, it takes a healthy adult’s nail three months to grow from bottom to tip, four for an elderly person.

Nails become lined with vertical ridges as the rate of growth slows down, but a severe illness will also leave ridges as growth is interrupted. Sudden such as heart attacks or epilepsy, can halt growth all together.

Our hands are the first part of the body a medial student learns to read because hands contain so much information about the whole body. The flat sheets of keratin protein which form your nails lie directly on top of the dermis over the bone, leaving no place for disease to hide.

Changes in colour, growth and texture are early warning indicators. Pale nails can signify anemia, white nails can be due to some liver disease, whereas, a brown pink crescent at the tip of nails may show kidney disease. Newborn babies have very flat nails which curve with age, but flat nails in adults can indicate a severe iron deficiency.

Brittle nails can mean there is a lack of certain vital elements, such as iron or zinc. The small white marks that were once thought to show calcium deficiency are, however, merely a sign of damage caused by a knock.

At blue tinges on nails means blood is not reaching the extremities of the body, is a sign of circulatory problems. And yellow brown nails may show the presence of a fungal infection, but discoloured nails may also be due to over use of nails polishing varnish without proper cleaning.

Cosmetic nail case raises a whole host of its own problems. Cuticles, the folds of the skin that border the nails to prevent infection entering into the body, should never be removed. A cuticle is there for a specific purpose and should never be tempered with.

False nails can be disastrous, as an allergic reaction to the chemicals involved may result in the loss of the nails all together.

Use of sugar, salt and fat in daily diet in moderate quantity is very important. Over use of any of these can cause serious trouble to health and the effect can be seen on the nails. Weak, bleeding and sensitive cuticles can be the sign of increased sugar quantity in the body.  similarly dry and wrinkly surfaced  nails can be a sign of over use of salt.

Manage, control and maintain your diet in way so that your overall health can improve and you’ll see the effects through your nails. Daily use of at least 5 of these ingredients can improves overall health and therefore the beauty of nails i.e. Apples, Lemon, Asparagus, Brown rice, Cucumbers, Eggs, Garlic, Grapes, Liver, Nuts, Onions, Salmon, Seeds, Soy, Tuna, Whole grains, etc.


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