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Health through Exercise and Proper Diet

Lalanne-promoted-juicing Human beings will remain grateful to Mr. Jack Lalanne (previously named John Lalanne) for his exemplary guidance for maintenance of health through regular daily exercise and nourishing simple diet. At age of 95, he is an embodiment of perfect good health with amazing strength and stamina. There is hardly any example in the past and the present that may be quoted in comparison to Mr. Jack Lalanne’s extraordinary physical fitness at age 95. He is, in fact, a living legend for everybody who cares for his health above everything else.

There is no doubt that regular daily exercise and simple diet can do wonders for the human body. Such regular program is sure to release considerable burden on hospitals and the private clinics. Regular daily exercise is basic need of human body and mind without which the process of physical deterioration silently starts. Simplest possible diet completely eliminates all simple and complex health problems. Mr. Jack Lalanne blames highly processed foods for many health problems. He recommends an organic and vegetarian diet. He suggest two simple rules for nutrition i.e. “If it is man made, don’t eat it, and if it tastes good, spit it out”. In his book Live Young Forever, he explains how he has remained healthy and active well into his advanced age. His feats of strength, Health Spas, TV shows, videos, inventions of exercise machine and equipments and books on nutrition and fitness indicate his deep interest in human health. He is a great source of incentive for everybody to keep fit in all circumstances.

Neglecting Lalanne’s guidelines for health is courting simple and complex diseases for regular appointments and contacts with the physicians and world of medicines. It is now beyond any doubt that allopathic medicines do cure disease at the cost of introduction of more then one diseases for human body. So anybody can judge that their will be no end to ever new health problems. Better value Mr. Lalanne’s sincere and appealing guide lines to remain healthy and young for life. This favors you 100%.

Without regular exercise from the young age, digestive and other health hazards considerably increase in age above 55 resulting in poor nutrition, ultimately causing early symptoms of weakness. Over processed and canned foods with added cups of tea and coffee, result in zero support to the body strength. Resorting to high doses of vitamins and minerals instead of fresh fruits and vegetables create problems. By resorting to regular exercise and simple nourishing foods, one can eliminate chances of over weight, heart diseases, hypertensions, raised blood pressure, diabetes and osteoarthritis.

Timings of meals should be regular. Taking of six to eight glasses of water daily is must. Always take whole grain bread, brown rice, dried beans and starchy foods including potatoes. Dark green leafy vegetables like Broccoli, Cabbage and Spinach along with Carrots, Oranges and Bananas are all efficiently nourishing at all ages. Lean beef, chicken, fish, eggs and grains may be consumed on choice daily. Note that low fat milk and yogurt must be part of meals twice daily. All these foods and vegetables adequately provide the needed amounts of protein, vitamins and minerals required for physical health, with regular daily exercise. Books of Mr. Jack Lalanne may be studied for further additional guidelines.

Never forget that healthy individuals make a healthy nation and a healthy nation can contribute a lot good to world community.

By: Geodetic Engr. M. Ashraf

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